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8 Things You Do On The Internet That Could Be Illegal

When we browse the internet, many times and even without knowing it, we can do various illegal things, no matter how legitimate they may seem. All this also depends, of course, on the country we are in and even if it is out of curiosity, knowing everything that can be illegal on a website is something really interesting. On this occasion we offer you eight really common actions that we would "never" suspect were illegal.

Use of ad blockers or ad-blockers

It is one of those applications that is normally found on any computer, but the truth is that on many platforms where ads can appear -for example, in streaming hosted on YouTube or Twitch-, it is not entirely legal to use this type of application, incurring in a potential crime.

Use of GIFs or “memes”

Although we may not believe it, by parodying certain aspects of our life through the famous memes, we are using material covered by copyright or intellectual property laws. However, as it is a broad practice, which really "does not hurt" and which is practically impossible to prosecute, it is not denounced.

Download files and use them without permission

Who has not downloaded an image from the internet from the Google search engine to use it, for example, in an exhibition? Well, the truth is that, if we have not downloaded it with a Creative Commons license or the creator has given us the rights, this is illegal, especially if we take economic advantage of it.

Using unsecured wireless networks

It is curious, but in the United States connecting to this type of network can become illegal, especially if it is not used properly and of course, they are abused to download and use it as "our home network". . With these networks we refer, for example, to those present in cafeterias and restaurants.

Using VPN and “spoofed” IP addresses

It is one of the most used techniques to access services not available in certain countries and of course, it is something that is not entirely legal, although everything will depend on the purpose.

Parody accounts on Twitter and social networks

As they are fakes, Twitter classifies them as illegal, so they are actually prohibited. However, why do we find so many accounts of this type on social networks? Basically because in the description it clearly appears that it is a fake account and that, therefore, it is not the "real" character.

Facebook accounts without the minimum age

To use Facebook it is necessary that the person who will use the service is over 13 years of age since otherwise the contract "signed" with the Zuckerberg network is violated, so as a general rule, children should not use it.

Upload copyrighted content to YouTube

As we know, thousands of hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every hour, which means that moderators cannot control everything. For this reason, it is still possible to find fragments of series as typical as The Simpsons although, like everything, it is a matter of time.

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