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5 Tips To Get A Job As An Online Writer

The topic of the home office has never been heard as much as after the pandemic. Although the pandemic changed many habits in our lives, one area that accelerated without precedent was work as a writer.

Although the famous "new reality" of work has its advantages and disadvantages, the truth is that it is here to stay, at least for many of us.


We will remind you to take this questionnaire to find out if you have mastered the essential questions that will allow you to start this path of having a job as a writer.


Some benefits of this home office work modality include flexibility, cost savings (both for the employee and the employer), and independence.

On the other hand, this acceleration also implies that, as writers, we learn new skills to be able to adapt to the new job market.

One of the professions that have been requested the most is working as an freelance writer with various applications. The work as a writer implies not only learning to write, but having good writing and spelling, but also digital knowledge such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), about the public objective, managing the tone of the brand, having a defined and attractive structure, among many others.

Although it may sound complex, getting a job as a writer has never been easier than it is today. Next, we tell you 5 areas where you can find work as a writer online.


1. Web content

Web pages need relevant and current content to permanently generate value for their users. In this sense, the work as a writer consists of being a web editor and involves knowing the public, knowing what interests them and what is the best way to reach them. In addition, constant research is needed to stay abreast of the latest trends. In this way, you make sure that your texts will not die into oblivion.

Knowledge about UX writing could be very useful, since they are focused on generating a good user experience. However, it must be borne in mind that web content does not only refer to blogs or articles, but also to the content that we see when we open the homepage of a page or product descriptions if we are in a marketplace like Amazon.


Advertising and marketing agencies need to constantly generate valuable content on the web and, not only that, they also consume it in large quantities. Very similar to web content, marketing agencies ensure that this content reaches the right people, that is, for whom it was originally intended. For this, they require work as a writer, possessing knowledge in SEO, mainly, in order to be able to market the content, generate an audience and increase the user conversion rate.


Startups or new businesses are a very interesting and profitable source of employment for online writers. Since they are starting, some companies focus on knowing their target audience, and being able to reach them in the most effective way by outsourcing those services. In this sense, it is worth contacting those entrepreneurs who need support to grow. For this, it is recommended to make a presentation of your services, have a well-assembled portfolio, and be clear about how you can generate value for these companies. What better way than to grow together!


In the previous section, we told you which business sectors can offer work as an online writer. In this part, we tell you where and how you can stand out from other writers, so that you have a better chance of landing that writing job you've always dreamed of, or at least where to start.

4. Job portals

In addition to traditional job portals, there are web pages dedicated to connecting businesses or people who offer projects or work as an online writer. Some of them recommend creating a profile with all your professional, educational information and work samples. In this sense, it is highly recommended to have a blog that you can share and show a little of the talent you have. Some of the best known portals are: Linkedin, Workana, Fiverr, Upwork, among many others.

5. Master a topic

Surely, at the beginning it is very important to be versatile and adapt to the issues that come up, as we get projects. But, this is not sustainable. It is preferable that when you reach a certain point of maturity in your creative writing, you sit down and reflect on what type of content interests you and which clients you would like to reach. The reason for this is because being recognized as an expert in your area, in the long term, will open more doors for you and, better yet, that are on the subject that you are passionate about. These opportunities appear because clients will trust your work as a writer and you will be able to generate more stable relationships with them.

Finally, these are some ideas that can contribute to your dream of having a job as an online writer because we know that we all have responsibilities to fulfill, and romanticizing writing is unnecessary. There are many more opportunities outside, you just need discipline and perseverance to be able to generate stable income from home.

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