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Common Causes of Emergency Throbbing Toothache

The pain of a throbbing toothache is one of the most unpleasant experiences that almost everyone has. A throbbing toothache is usually considered one of the critical signs of dental emergencies, which should be immediately observed to find the primary cause. When you struggle with the pain and discomfort caused by a throbbing toothache, the fact that your tooth is damaged is obvious. So, you need the help of a professional emergency dentist to discover the leading cause. As a dentist in downtown Vancouver explains, “the health of the mouth and teeth are important to one’s well-being.” Unfortunately, many people ignore their pain or prefer home remedies over professional treatments that can relieve their pain. However, you need to know these remedies are temporary, and you can’t be sure about your oral health until you visit an experienced emergency dentist.

Other emergency signs can occur with throbbing toothache, including constant dull ache, tooth sensitivity, severe pain when eating or drinking, jaw ache, bad taste in your mouth, fever, etc. An emergency toothache can be a severe problem for both adults and children and must be immediately examined by an emergency dentist. Your emergency dentist is probably required to perform professional dental exams and X-rays to determine what’s causing the throbbing tooth pain. Here we list some common threatening reasons for this dental emergency to inform you about the importance of a quick visit with your emergency dentist.

Tooth Fracture:

A tooth crack or fracture is also a dental emergency that can occur by biting something hard or facing physical damage during accidents. Furthermore, tooth fractures can also develop over time for different reasons. Having fractures in your tooth is one of the reasons for emergency throbbing toothache as of can allows things to get into your tooth and infect the pulp and nerves.

Tooth Decay:

According to accurate statistics provided by emergency dentists, tooth decay is the most common dental emergency among different patients that can lead to throbbing toothache. When harmful bacteria eat through the hard enamel outer layer, it can result in holes or cavities, which are the apparent signs of emergency tooth decay.

Damaged Filling:

You may have old fillings from previous dental treatments, which are damaged for biting or chewing hard foods. Your emergency dentist can refill your tooth or even refer you to a cosmetic dentist to get dental crowns to treat the throbbing toothache and prevent other dental emergencies.

Tooth Abscess:

When a part or all of your dental pulp inside your tooth dies, it can produce a pocket of pus and bacteria, leading to severe pain and toothache known as tooth abscess. If the damaged tooth is not treated immediately, you can face severe dental emergencies, including tooth abscesses, so it’s essential to see your emergency dentist quickly.

Infected Gums:

Throbbing tooth pain is one of the emergency signs of infected gums, which a professional periodontist should immediately check.

Remember that regular dental visits help prevent serious dental problems and dental emergencies.

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