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Benefits Of Professional Teeth Whitening Through Drugstore Stickers

One of the crucial things that affect the shine of your smile can be dental stains and tooth discoloration. Perhaps you have noticed some people feel embarrassed and insecure when laughing, talking, or even smiling because of their stained and discolored teeth, leading to low self-confidence. The good news is that there are various cosmetic dental treatments to solve dental defects. As a cosmetic dentist at False Creek explains, cosmetic dentistry is a rapidly emerging field that emphasizes correcting the patient’s smile by repairing and changing the appearance of teeth and jaws. Fortunately, these days treatments like teeth whitening and bleaching are regularly performed by professional cosmetic dentists for patients who suffer from tooth stains.

These procedures are among the most popular cosmetic dental treatments due to their unique advantages like affordable price, easy process, and immediate effects. However, you may wonder if you will gain the same results by using teeth lightening kits on the market over the professional teeth whitening performed by an experienced cosmetic dentist. Making the proper decision and having adequate information to understand which whitening process can have the best decorative effects on your smile is vital if you have discolored and stained teeth. The following article will explain what distinguishes professional cosmetic teeth whitening from home-based kits and how it can transform the color of your teeth.

What Is the Common Reason for Tooth Discoloration?

As the reports of reliable cosmetic dental clinics show, many reasons can lead to tooth stains over time that patients don’t know. Consuming products that contain tobacco, specific drugs, or drinking many glasses of tea, wine or coffee during a day are the most prevalent causes of tooth stains. Bleaching or teeth whitening treatments are offered to brighten the enamel shade of teeth if the reason behind the tooth discoloration isn’t that much serious.

Are Drugstore Whitening Strips Safe?

Although it can be so tempting to think that you can take off to the nearest drugstore and whiten your teeth by paying a small amount, it’s essential to have reasonable expectations. These available products aren’t as effective as professional teeth whitening by a cosmetic dentist. Also, it’s necessary to take care of some critical points like the correct way of using these products and avoiding excessive use to keep everything safe and your oral condition healthy.

Reasons That Dentist-Offered Whitening Is Better than Drugstore Strips

In general, both methods are effective, but they are different in many ways. Though you can’t overlook the advantages and better results you gain by professionally whitening your teeth. Professional teeth whitening is more effective, personalized, quicker, and safer when it’s compared to at-home solutions. Furthermore, many patients can use the advantages of laser-assisted teeth whitening, which is done with an effective bleaching gel and a unique dental lamp to make the process of teeth whitening quicker and more efficient.

How can you understand that teeth whitening treatment is suitable for you?

Everyone deserves to have a brilliant smile that boosts self-confidence and makes them proud. But in many cases, you can face stained teeth, which makes the teeth whitening process your only option to freshen your teeth. Remember to visit a professional cosmetic dentist as soon as possible to learn more about boosting options you have for your smile.

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