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10 Best Discord Bots to Improve Your Discord Server

Discord is one of the most well-liked chat platforms globally, especially among the gaming community. You can do text chats, voice chats, play songs, and so on.

A good discord server is necessary to create a good discord community. And for good discord server creation, discord bots are vital tools.

What are discord bots?

Discord bots are AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered tools that help to automate your discord server tasks. You can use bots to welcome new members, moderate chat, and ban people who violate the rules, which helps create and manage an engaging community.

The best bots offer thousands of features. It helps to customize and make your server efficient, as well as helps you easily stream movies and games with friends.

10 best discord bots to improve your discord server

These are some bot for discord users that helps enhance the discord server:

1. Dyno bot

Dyno is a powerful moderation feature-packed bot for discord, and it is the most preferred bot for multi-function features.

This bot can also assign roles to the members and post AFK messages. With this, you can ensure your community engagement during your absence.

Using dyno bot music streaming is possible. You can also control and customize join, leave, instant banning, notification, and spam detection. This feature makes people use this bot.

2. Helper.gg bot

Providing a ticketing system, Helper.gg is a perfect tool for businesses and customer service teams in discord. It creates a channel between the staff.

Using this bot, tagging specific servers and channels to bring the ticket to the right team is possible. The team members then can organize, respond and close the ticket.

You can customize your ticket management and assign roles to your server members to improve customer service. You can use this tool to sell your product and ask for feedback about it.

Helper.gg is free to use; however, there are two paid versions that offer you extra features.

3. Dank memer bot

As the name sounds, it’s a bot for all meme lovers.

Dank memer offers more than 100 meme commands to add fun elements to your conversation and make your own memes.

Furthermore, this meme bot contains its own currency, which is fun and rewarding at the same time. Banking, shopping, stealing, and gambling are trade features of this bot, creating more engagement among people.

This bot is free to use and can be added to your server with one click.

4. Epic RPG bot

Epic RPG is an RPG game that allows users to participate in a never-ending battle. It consists of features such as enemies, loot box, PVP, leaderboard, and more.

Type “rpg start” and get to know how to play. It has 15+ dungeons, and you have to beat the dungeons bosses to unlock new features and commands.

Adding this bot to your server makes people more interactive with other people who play the game.

5. Arcane bot

Arcane is like a mix of mee6 and dyno bot, but most features are free, unlike them. It is a moderating and leveling bot.

You can provide roles to the members and leaderboard functions. Members can rank based on the XP they gain from voice and text chats. Arcane allows you to ban, mute, or kick the member that doesn't follow your server's rules.

This bot of discord is friendly to users. You can get a premium version and a free version of this bot.

6. Mudae bot

This bot is for you if you are into anime.

Mudae offers more than 60k popular game characters and its own currency (kakera)  to get bonuses, boost wish lists and enhance your anime collection.

You can marry the anime game characters, build the collection, and compete with other members doing the same things. There are commands which can be used to trade your waifu and husbando with other players.

The premium version of the Mudae bot costs around 5-10$ a month.

7. Mee6 bot

Discord groups are incomplete without the Mee6 bot features. It automatically sends a welcome image or message and shows rules and recurring events on the server.

Mee6 helps moderate your content and offers you absolute power over server management. Mee6 bot is very popular for its leveling system, and members can rank and compete with each other. A competitive leaderboard can be added, which makes your server more entertaining.

Additionally, you can play songs with it. There is a premium version of mee6 that will cost you more compared to other bots, but the features it provides are worth it.

8. ProBot

Probot is a customizable multipurpose bot that satisfies the server's moderation needs. 

This bot shows automatic welcome messages, play songs, and perform various tasks. It is used as music bots. You can set automatic replies to specific text messages and lock your whole server and delete the messages.

Probot offers the features to create web pages and view your server's stats. It is said to have 99.9% uptime working.

9. Sesh bot

If you want to post content at the desired time, you can use the calendar bot.

Sesh offers you the ease of creating events, scheduling things, and managing events in real-time. This bot provides an option to auto-set time according to your local time zone.

Sesh makes itself handy by integrating google calendar into it. Creating recurring events, polls, and countdowns can be done which saves a lot of time.

It has a free and premium version.

10. Xenon bot

Imagine losing all the valuable data from your server. It’s painful, right?

You need to have a server backup of your messages, settings, and other contents. And Xenon is the perfect bot of discord to help with this problem.

Xenon bot allows you to clone your server and templates to create a new server. It helps in data auto-backup daily.

This bot plan is free, but you can pay yourself a premium plan if you want some additional features.


Anyone with a discord community knows how crucial and significant the discord bots are. It helps with your chat experience and trouble-free streaming as well as helps with a lot of things to improve the discord server.

You can add any discord bots by visiting the website and adding them. If there are some bots you love using, then comment below and let us know.

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