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Top 10 Knee Pain Management Tips

Experiencing Chronic Knee Pain?

Tried A Lot Of Medication, Not Getting Relief?

Worry Not, Try Following Natural Pain Relief Tips

Kness plays a vital role in our lives; they enable us to move, run, walk, climb. Therefore, taking care of your knees is crucial. Unfortunately, many people are suffering from knee pain nowadays due to sprain, arthritis, or injury. Knee pain can be acute, mild, and severe. Although unbearable pain cannot be healed simply with medication and sometimes needs the assistance of the best knee replacement surgeon, acute & mild pain can be treated easily with natural remedies.

Here we are going to discuss 10 tips to manage knee pain at home. These remedies will promote the natural healing process without interfering with body function. If you adopt them in your life, you will surely get rid of uncomfortable knee pain and lead a joyful life. So, let us start without wasting time.

      RICE Method Can Help

In case your knee is strained and sprained, it would be better to follow RICE. It stands for: rest, ice, compression, and elevation. Give optimum rest to your knee, use ice packs, wrap your knee with a compression bandage, and keep it elevated. This treatment is quite affordable as well as pocket-friendly. By following this, the chances of getting relief from knee pain become more.

      Manage Weight

The other thing that can make knee pain worse is being overweight, as the extra kilos can put stress on the knees and make it difficult to even walk for a few meters. Therefore, it is essential to cut fats by following a healthy lifestyle and diet.

      Try Hot & Cold Packs

Applying hot and cold pads may sound simple; however, it can prove quite effective if done properly. Hot pads are pretty helpful in relieving shooting pain, while cold packs help in alleviating inflammation. For best results, it is best to apply them alternatively. It is important to note that applying ice directly to the skin can cause frostbite within minutes, so please never do this.

      Use Herbal Ointment

According to research, certain herbs like ginger, cinnamon, mastic, and sesame oil have pain-relieving properties. You can use ointments containing these herbs to get rid of the pain for a few minutes to hours. Although herbal ointment has no side effects, it is still vital to consult a doctor before trying them.

      Use Ginger Extract

If you have osteoarthritis, consuming ginger extract can help in reducing knee pain as well as inflammation. You can make it home by grating and squeezing the ginger, or you can simply make the ginger tea. Also, ready-to-take ginger extract supplements are available in the market; you can buy them if your schedule is quite busy.

      Physical Activity Is Vital

Regular exercise or any other physical activity like cycling, walking, and swimming is also important to maintain muscle mobility. Therefore to avoid knee stiffness, you should take a few minutes off your busy schedule for physical exercise.

      Maintain Correct Posture

Avoid sitting or standing for long hours and keep moving your knee from time to time for more mobility. Apart from this, put on comfortable and supportive knees, so that excess pressure does not fall on your knee.

      Apple Cider Vinegar Is Beneficial

It has been found that apple cider vinegar is quite helpful in relieving knee pain and other arthritis pain. It has anti-inflammatory properties that absorb toxins and flush them out of your body. You can also try it to enhance your knee mobility.

      Start Stretching

Stretching provides us the flexibility that our body needs to maintain range of motion. Hence, a good stretching program is required to keep knee joints healthy.

      Get Massage

Massage therapy can also reduce knee pain and symptoms of OA. It is not essential to go to massage parlors; you can even take self-massage at your place.

Wrapping Up:

Apart from the above ways, supplements can also help to manage knee pain. But ask your physician first before starting your supplement regimen as it can interfere with the other medications. And if the pain becomes intolerable, consult the best knee replacement surgeon in Mohali, Chandigarh, or any other city.

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