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Five ‌Difference‌ ‌Between‌ ‌Fear‌ ‌and‌ ‌Phobia?

Fear, Anxiety, Phobias are all states of mind that one goes through. But with a thin line connecting it, and when it is crossed, it becomes threatening to a sound state of mind. Fear is a normal and healthy part of one’s life. It makes the brain aware that there is an outward harmful situation, so get away from it. While phobia is something more profound, extensive, it makes one go through a hysteria of that sort just in the name of a certain object or situation. 

Fear is a normal phenomenon, while phobia is not. To understand Fear vs. Phobia, one needs to go deep into the actual meaning. Fear can lead to phobias but not the opposite. Also, fear is always supported by logic and reasons, while phobias are dangerous, having no sense and reasons. Fear may also be prolonged, but it doesn’t leave one traumatized; while phobia might be too long, it leaves one traumatized and anguished for the rest of life. 

Features of Fear and Phobias

One needs to understand the difference between  Fear vs. Phobia through its features. It will then make one know how more profound is a phobia while fear is a natural occurrence. 

When experiencing a state of fear, these are the signs one sees on the person. The features are listed below:

Increased heart rate.

Faster breathing or shortness of breath.

Butterflies in the stomach sometimes lead to the need to use the loo.

Sweating and chills.

Trembling muscles.

Big dilated eyes.

But when someone has a phobia of something, the signs are much deeper, much stronger. These are the features discussed below:

Feeling unsteady, dizzy, lightheaded, or even fainting syndrome.

Choking feeling.

Pounding heart, palpitations, or even faster heartbeats.

Chest pain or tightness in the chest.


Hot or cold flushes.

Shortness of breath or a smothering sensation.

Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea

5 Differences Between Fear and Phobias?

There is a thin line between Fear and Phobias. The fear- a state of emotion becomes much more vital to become a phobia. Phobias are nerve-wracking, while anxiety is not. 

Fear is just a natural reaction, a state of emotion, while Phobias are deep fears linked with the profoundly depressed mind.

One can control a Fear while Phobias are uncontrollable without any professional help.

When comparing Fear vs. Phobi, one should understand that fear is not a mental illness, but phobia is related to it. Phobias are irrational and unreasonable and excessive worry, while fear is logical and not excessive.

A typical fear gradually develops into an excessive, irrational fear while it doesnt happen vice versa. Anxiety can send signals to the brain about a scary or dangerous situation and get away from it. At the same time, a phobia makes one go through a trauma even with the sight or listening about it.

A girl is scared of dogs; this is fear, but the girl who has a phobia of dogs is more than just a fear. The girl would be traumatized.

Treatment of Phobias and Fears

A fear is dealt with very casually by making the person face it deliberately. One who fears something might practice yoga or do exercises to have a strong body and mind. Fear is inbuilt to stay within, but one can practice how to overcome any fear and move ahead and not let it linger in life much.

While for phobias, there are specific therapies like exposure therapy, CBT, etc., to treat the excessive fear of anything. Seeking out professional help or a therapist and a few sessions might help overcome the Phobias. There are antidepressant medicines available too for the needy. To ward off the irrational thoughts and fear, the therapists will lead one to talk it out and take out all that has been eating one from within since the years along.


Fear vs. phobia, people need to understand the underlying severe threat in between rather than pushing it away. Especially with children, parents tend to push away the reactions saying the child is scared, but it might be something more when the child grows up. As a parent, one should understand a thin line between fear and phobia and get it treated right there in the childhood stage. Fear gets away with age, but when the normal fear gets into a phobia, it doesn’t go away with age but grows deeper.

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