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Instagram For Small Business : 13 Top Tricks To Capture Your Target Audience

If you go around and ask people, what's their favorite social networking site? At Least one-third of them will say it's Instagram. It is loved by people all over the world.  Not just only for its a cool place to hang out, but it is also a platform that gives countless business opportunities. It gives life to many small businesses. It allows them to compete with large-scale businesses with the features it offers. There is a reason big brands and companies prefer Instagram more when it comes to digital marketing. That is because it has a very wide range of monthly users, more than 1 billion. That's surely a moving factor, right?

Ok, so how can you grow your small business on Instagram?

There are some tricks that can help you.

Let's see it.


You can't surf around social media without a profile let alone doing business. So this is the first of many steps you should follow. And for your business purpose, you should change your profile into a business account. That is where Instagram provides many specialized features that aren't available for personal profiles. That could be very helpful for your marketing.

Another thing is you have to provide a short and neat bio about your business. Adding a location in the bio gives your followers trust. And it also gives them an easy way to reach you.


The biggest challenge in Instagram or any social media marketing is driving the users to the landing page. i.e. Your product or service page. Because that is where they eventually change into customers. There are a lot of things to do to drive them there but before that, you have to make a clear path. It can be done by adding your desired link in your bio. Instagram allows its users to add one link in the bio so be decisive in that. It will help your viewers to reach your product page easily.


If you are a user of Instagram, you know about saving posts. People save some posts that they find attractive or informative. For people who don't know, Instagram gives you an option to save a post that can be viewed and accessed later. It will be saved in your profile. So how does this help to improve your business? It does not just improve your business, it may also improve you. How?

While scrolling you could see some posts that are inspirational. Like, when you see a post that is related to your business and you find it attractive and it urges you to do something similar, that is inspirational. It will assist you to improve your post quality. Not just that there are some posts you could save for your future references.

      Reviews from customers

      Posts that give you new ideas

      Quotes from people you admire

      Posts from Competitors

      Informative posts from your domain


People often use location tags in posts to let their viewers know where they are now. Likewise, it's more important for small business entrepreneurs to let their followers know where they are, frequently. Adding a location in your posts also can drive more traffic, because Instagram collects the posts and compiles them based on location tags and shows them on the explore page. And also people in your location could see your posts pop up on their timeline.


Instagram stories are the top drawer feature that is most loved by its users. Even though it was first created by Snapchat, Instagram just made it better and butter. By staying on top of the timeline, they gather more interactions than other posting features. They look attractive and more easily accessible for users than the post feed. So it is very important to make use of stories to the fullest to make your small business grow.

Posting stories regularly will make your page move to the front row in the stories tab of your followers.

You can use creative ways to attract your viewers and promote your products. You could try posting them using templates or in a manner, the content is revealed by continuous stories which users may find interesting. You can add your target link here which is easier for your users to visit your landing page.


Yes, stories disappear after 24 hours, but you can still use them for your marketing with the help of highlights. You can add your stories to highlights that can be visible in your profile all the time. Not just your best stories, but also you can use them in a way that tells more about your products and services and more about your business.

 What can you do with highlights?

      You can add information about your business and the services you offer

      You can add a price list of your products

      You can add customer reviews which are very useful

      You can add your best posts on your products

      You can add FAQS and their answers.


What's engagement?  It is the action taken by the user/viewer on your posts after they see it. Likes, comments, replies, mentions all come under engagement. They are the base of marketing on Instagram. When there is no engagement, there is no reach, and so there is no business. Because That's how the Instagram algorithm works. It doesn't make your posts show up in the feeds of the users when there is less engagement. So there are many ways available to bring Instagram auto likes to boost your business that creates more interactions and engagements. Some of them are adding stickers to your stories, using captions as questions, and asking opinions.


Insta live is one of the ways to get connected with your audience. The direct interactions with them will make the connection closer. Going live regularly will send your followers the message that you are active and approachable. There are some things you can do during live session

      You can show behind the scenes live. It will be an interesting thing for your viewers to see the background process of your work.

      You can host a Q/A session on live which can create interactions between you and users and help you to build a community

      You can invite any other famous personalities in your live session for a conversation. This will drive more people into your live and page


This is a technique that urges people to follow you. Offering your followers some exclusive offers on sale will make people stay on your page and also increase your product awareness. It will also make them feel they are treated specially. That's why many brands do it at regular intervals.


YES! Giveaways are always a great marketing technique. It will be useful for both sides. People love it. If you plan it in a correct way, it will bring more followers to the page and product reach will go high. What's the correct way?

      You should choose a product for the giveaway. You should be sure that the product actually benefits the user.

      You should ask your viewers to complete certain tasks to participate in the giveaway. It can be like sharing your products on their accounts, following your page, or liking or commenting on a certain post, like that.

      You should choose the winner in an honest way. Maintaining transparency in this thing will increase your credibility.

      Make sure the product reaches the winner in time and  get feedback.


 Posts attract viewers when they are of good quality. No matter how good the content is, when the presentation fails, it totally fails. So it's obvious to maintain and improve the quality of posts at all ends.

      Posting good-quality pictures and videos is on top of it. Maintaining a constant resolution for pictures and a good aspect ratio for videos.

      Writing good and creative captions will allure the viewers to engage with the post.

      Using some templates that give your post a fresh and professional look will make it impressive.


The main factor in customer satisfaction is responding to their queries and issues. Responding to them on time and also clearly is crucial. Reply to them in your comment section which will also be visible to other viewers who have the same doubts or intent.

Responding to them through DM will increase the factor of approachability to the users and they will praise your support. This will build a good relationship with the users.


No matter what you do, you should always keep track of your work. It helps you to analyze and do things better. An Instagram business account gives you enough data about your account. Those statistics can give you a clear idea of your current status and help you to make a plan for the future. Also, you can make surveys to gain more information about customers and learn about them so you can improve your marketing technique.

By following these tricks continuously you can take your small business to the next level.

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