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3 Netflix spy thrillers to catch on your Android

Espionage, double agents, cloaked figures murmuring under umbrellas standing on dimly lit rainy streets and lone heroes that infiltrate organisations using high tech gadgets-Spy thrillers can be a treat for everyone. 

Whether you’re a youngster who enjoys getting carried off by feisty conspiracies or someone who loves dramatic and psychological turns in a story, Netflix has a huge variety of Spy thrillers to keep you entertained and on the edge of your seat. 

Android owners now have access to Netflix’s ‘Play Something’ feature. And here are some of the best shows and movies you might catch on the feature if you are looking for a top-drawer spy on Android.

Mission Impossible 

Is anyone who loves spy thrillers not familiar with Mission Impossible? Even mentioning the name is enough to have the catchy and slow build theme song stuck in our minds.

Perhaps one of the best known spy thrillers to make it mainstream and known for its action scenes, the Mission Impossible series is led by none other than Tom Cruise. Cruise plays Agent Ethan Hunt, starting in the first movie as a point man for a secret espionage agency known as The Impossible Missions Force (IMF). The movie series which got its first film in 1996 is actually based on a TV show that aired in the 60s and later in the 80s.

Famous as one of the highest media grossing franchises of all time, Mission Impossible is fuelled by sensational graphic effects and visuals, action packed sequences and high tech gadgets, and literal ‘cliffhangers’ to keep audiences in the grip of excitement. Tom Cruise (Timeless Cruise) continues to star in the fast-paced sequels, which have spanned across 25 years now.  

The massive fan following of the movies even inspired games to allow fans to role play as their favorite agents and live the impossible experience. Music fans will love the soundtracks which have featured musical geniuses like Metallica, Limp Bizkit and Imagine Dragons!

The Departed 

Directed by cinematic genius Martin Scorsese, regarded as one of the most influential directors in film history, no spy thriller list would be complete without The Departed, a brilliant take on the popular Hong Kong film Mou Gaan Dou (Infernal Affairs).

Academy Award winner Jack Nicholson, who does eccentric characters better than any, aces his role as an Irish mobster and drug lord being chased desperately by the Boston Police Department. The all-star ensemble also features Oscar winners Leonardo Di Caprio and Matt Damon playing an electrifying and chilling game of mole versus rat, as double agents at conflicting ends of the law. 

Di Caprio, owns his role with uncanny realism and an Oscar worthy performance, undeniably surpassing his fellow cast Oscar baggers. His portrayal of an anxiety ridden and undercover cop in a race against time, to uncover his nemesis at the cost of being slayed by the sword of Damocles hanging over him, alone is enough reason to watch this movie. Leo’s performance breaks out of our screens and into our hearts and minds. Mark Wahlberg, as the snarky but sharp Sergeant Dignam provides welcome and witty comic relief through this emotional rollercoaster of a thriller. Given that the Departed relies more on classy and psychological story telling than cheap twists, it comes as no surprise that Martin Scorcese’s nail-biting gem has 4 Oscars under its belt!

Spy Kids

Regarded as no less than the James Bond of kids movies, The Spy Kids movie series follows the adventures two siblings, Carmen and Juni Cortez as the children of two retired secret agents, played by Antonio Banderas and Carla Gugino. As the kids are accidentally drawn into a dangerous but exciting world that their parents haplessly attempted to keep hidden from them, audiences will be drawn into an entertaining story of futuristic gadgets, amusing sibling rivalry and scenic locations.

The wonderful reception of the Spy kids movie also led to the animated spinoff series Spy Kids: Mission Critical, exclusively made for and available on Netflix. Kids are bound to love the quick thinking and skills of the hard working children’s team against the humorously named SWAMP(Sinister Wrong-doers Against Mankind’s Preservation), the evil organization led by Golden Brain, who is the main villain of Spy Kids: Mission Critical.

If you are eying a spy on Android, it doesn’t get better than this lot!

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