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11 key advantages of using online surveys

Surveys have always been a prolific tool to collect relevant customer information and feedback. But the online surveys are pretty much different than the traditional surveys. Read this blog to know what are online surveys, advantages and how you can use surveys to better customer service.

The taste and choices of the customers evolve with the times as the technology evolves. Therefore, customer service shall also reflect in the same way. Earlier, customers used to focus on suitable products and services. But nowadays customers look at everything - whether it is the price, quality, guarantee, and warranty related to any product and service. In such a scenario, everything has become customer-centric.

People usually get frustrated and throw away their frustration directly at you if you do not serve them well. Whether you are running a restaurant, an e-commerce company, a travel company, or a cab company, providing an efficient service to the customers is necessary. But how do you find out what customers want, and are they liking your services? The instant answer is online surveys.

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You can gather qualitative as well as quantitative data with the help of surveys. As Surveys consist of the questions - it depends upon you, how do you ask questions, and what types of questions you are putting up in front of the customers. Data analysis becomes much more comfortable and more flexible with conducting surveys. You can use email or social media as a medium to conduct these surveys. Also, you can reach the customers relatively easily.

On the other hand, it is essential to create user-friendly surveys.

Let's see in brief what type of questions you can ask in a survey :

       Open-ended questions :

Open-ended questions are usually the ones where respondents are open to answer the questions, and they can give feedback on their own. You can gather qualitative data from such types of questions.

For example - You can ask users about the features they want to see on your website or ask them how you can improve your website.

       Closed-ended questions :

Contrary to the open-ended questions, closed-ended questions allow the user to choose between specific options. You can have multiple-choice questions where users can answer in a simple "yes" or "no". You can collect quantitative data from these types of questions.

       Rank-based questions :

Rank-based questions are the ones where the users have to rank amongst various options. For example, - If you are running an automobile company, ask the users to rank different car brands as per their preferences and opinions.

       Matrix and rating types:

Matrix question types are the ones where you ask the users to rank the behavior and attitude. You can put a statement and ask if they agree or disagree with that statement. On the other hand, rating-based questions are rating your services on a scale of 1 to 10, or 1 to 5. The measuring standards are up to you.

Now you can create an array of questions in your survey based on your requirements and earn numerous qualitative & quantitative data benefits. The post will be incomplete if we do not discuss the key advantages of using online surveys.

Follow the thread to know the same :


1. A convenient feedback channel:

Online surveys remove the hurdles of the time-limit for filling a survey. On the other hand, respondents had to fill the traditional survey on the spot without thinking much about the preferences and likes. But in online surveys, you can do things at your speed and allow the respondents to fill it in their own time. They can take their thinking and pondering time to fill the survey, and that's how they can give you substantial and unbiased feedback.

2. Elevate the satisfaction of customers:

As a marketer, it is your duty and responsibility to satisfy your customer to the tee. The surveys show you the mirror of what customers think about you. They cannot butter you through false admirations. They will tell you straightforwardly as to whether they like you or not. If you get negative feedback through surveys, you can personally contact the customer and ask him or her, what they disliked and how you can improve the services.

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When you value the opinions of the customers and rectify them, they will appreciate you. As per the statistics, 90 percent of customers themselves claim that brands must ask for their feedback, and 70 percent of the customers say that organizations must apply customer feedback into their services.

3. Be accessible to users from any device :

Nowadays customers use different devices - whether it's smartphones, mobile devices, or laptops. These devices have indeed replaced the old computer spaces. Therefore, reachability to the customers becomes much more comfortable. You can send a link to the respondents via email or other forms or embed the surveys on the website. You can connect with your audience with that link, no matter what device they use. It is one of the prominent online survey advantages.

4. Reach a large audience in minimal time :

You can reach a broad audience through online surveys. You can reach anywhere, anytime on any device, just with a link whether your customers are thousands of miles away from you or millions in numbers. It does not matter. Send them via email, social media, or website. You can create a survey in minutes with the help of survey software.

An online survey can help you create engaging and customized surveys. You can insert logos and themes into them. You can use ready-made questions and analyze the survey reports.

5. Allow users to answer when needed :

You can create different designs for online surveys. You can remove the questions which do not add any value in your survey results. For example, - You can present further questions based on users' responses. You can use skip logic and branch logic methods in the surveys.  For example, - You can ask them a question and allow them to answer in "Yes" or "No."

And then you can ask further questions if they answer "YES." Likewise, if they respond, you can ask the questions accordingly or skip the unnecessary questions.

It will make your surveys more insightful and will take relevant information from the users. Also, it will save their time in answering open-ended questions.

6. Remove the personal biases :

In contrast to the personal biases in the face-to-face interview, online surveys eliminate the possibilities of personal biases. Also, the surveys do not put pressure on the respondents. They can answer anytime from any device they want. Therefore, you get biased free responses from the participants that allow you to shine more.

7. Surveys cut the costs significantly :

You do not spend higher budgets on conducting and creating surveys. Market research tools are also made more accessible than traditional ones, where you have to pay a lot of money in printing and postage expenses. The cost involved in the online surveys is not that much as compared to the traditional ones. Also, the workforce costs are not there as the responses are collected online. You can comfortably collect responses in a not so expensive way.

8. Quicker analysis of data :

Incorporate an online survey tool that can help with the quicker analysis of survey results. You can watch the survey analytics such as responses, impressions, and other key metrics related to the survey. Simultaneously process the data in the customer database from there on, you can organize and put the data in categories based on your requirements.

There is no need to spend long and lengthy hours watching out the trends as survey software provides you the required inbuilt tools.

9. Allow users to speak freely :

Neither users know you personally nor you know them personally. Therefore, there are good chances of collecting the users' exact responses as to how they feel about you. Online surveys give users the freedom to speak up incessantly. The online surveys work well when you are collecting sensitive information from the users.

10. Surveys work on the targeted audience :

Are not surveys a useful tool to collect information from a targeted audience based on demographic, professional, and other factors. It will let you grasp only that much information that you want. Ask the users relevant questions based on their profile, such as the demography, age, gender, and lifestyles. It will further help you engage users on a more personal level and increase your conversion after that.

11. Reduces the waiting time in getting results :

It is a fact that you have to wait for long and lengthy hour procedures to get the traditional survey results. Online surveys eliminate that risk and lets you know the results quickly. Here you have sent the survey, and you will get the results instantly. Also, the data will automatically feed into the system.


If you were searching for a proficient tool to collect relevant data from the users, online surveys illustrate those benefits exclusively. The above points shine a light on the

advantages and proficiency of the survey as a data collecting tool.

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