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CCleaner Alternative Tools to Optimize and Protect Your PC

An Overview of CCleaner

CCleaner, a PC cleanup program, is developed by Piriform. It is multi-functional program, which is capable of deleting useless files, protecting web browsing privacy, cleaning up Windows registry, uninstalling software, managing cookies, etc.

By doing so, you can speed up your computer and improve its performance. Hence, CCleaner is also referred to as an excellent free PC optimizer. Is CCleaner good? Yes, it was. CCleaner once was a must-have utility.

However, the situation is different now. Why CCleaner is not safe now? Well, you can move to the next section to get the details.

Why CCleaner Is Not Safe Now

Is CCleaner safe? Actually, it was doubted after Avast bought CCleaner developer Piriform in July 2017. What’s worse, CCleaner was hacked at the end of 2017. After these events, the reputation of CCleaner is ruined totally.

Certainly, CCleaner indeed exists some issues that are troublesome. Some issues even can pose threats to your privacy and the security of computer. According to investigation, here are several problems with CCleaner.

  • Update automatically without users’ permission
  • Enable options for collecting users’ system information
  • Hard to exit
  • Infected with malware

Is CCleaner safe now? After reading the above content, you may have answers. What can I do to protect my computer now that CCleaner is not safe? If you are troubled by this question, keep reading this post.

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Main Features of CCleaner and Alternatives to Them

As learned from the above information, CCleaner is not as good as before and very likely to leak users’ system information. Based on that fact, you need to find alternatives to do the job of CCleaner to keep PC running smoothly and quickly.

Hence, it is vital to learn the main features of CCleaner. Then find corresponding alternatives to them.

# Feature 1: Analyze and Free up Disk Space

CCleaner allows you to delete useless files to free disk space. However, it doesn’t allow you to do that immediately. On the contrary, you can only delete the unwanted files periodically. That is very inconvenient. If you would like to delete files immediately, you can try utilizing other programs.

Alternative: Space Analyzer of MiniTool Partition Wizard

MiniTool Partition Wizard is a partition managing expert. It is safe and reliable. The Space Analyzer feature will tell you what is taking up your hard drive. Besides, it offers you three types of viewing (tree view, file view and folder view), helping you see the disk usage more quickly.

You are able to delete space-consuming files by simply right clicking them and choose the Delete option from the prompted menu to remove them.

# Feature 2: Wipe Disk

CCleaner also enables you to wipe your hard disk. And you are unable to recover the deleting data with CCleaner. Differently, you can recover the data due to improper deletion on other programs.

Alternative: MiniTool Partition Wizard

MiniTool Partition Wizard allows you to wipe disk as well. More importantly, it provides you with five wiping methods. The more time the operation takes, the higher security level it has. The Data Recovery feature enables you to recover missing data because of deletion, computer crash, virus attack and other cases.

# Feature 3: Uninstall Programs and Delete Startup Items

CCleaner helps you remove unwanted applications and startup programs, which is useful. However, as CCleaner doesn’t have reliable privacy settings, it may not be trusted anymore. As for this feature, you can get an alternative too.

Alternative: Control Panel

It is very easy to uninstall programs via Windows built-in utility – Control Panel. You can also do that via Settings.

Steps for deleting programs via Control Panel

Step 1: Right click Windows icon on the desktop and choose Task Manager from the prompted menu.

Step 2: In the Control Panel window, click Programs and Features to go on.

Step 3: Find CCleaner from the listed items, and then right click it and click Uninstall. Then follow the elevated prompt to finish uninstallation process.

If you would like to uninstall application via Settings, please go to Settings by pressing Windows and I keys. Choose Apps in the main interface, and then scroll down items in the right side of the window to find CCleaner. Click on it and click Uninstall button.

# Feature 4: System Restore

The System Restore feature of CCleaner helps plenty of users protect their computers from attacking. But it has potential danger to computer now. And you need to find an alternative to do this job.

Alternative: Windows Built-in System Restore

The Windows embedded feature - System Restore can bring your computer to a previous state. When you encounter some destructive problems like blue screen error, black screen error, and error codes, try using this feature to bring your PC to an earlier date. This is useful.

Is CCleaner safe? Is CCleaner good? Now, you don’t have to think of these questions. The answer is obvious now. And your computer will be safe with the given alternatives.

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