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Trending Windows Replacement Solutions for 2021, & Beyond


Planning for a needed Windows Replacement? Or perhaps you’re also pondering having some new windows installed to add more form and function to your living space? If either of the above applies to you, then you’ve landed on the right blog! Modern replacement windows offer benefits and features that many older, legacy windows simply can’t provide. Whether you’re looking for more UV protection, better energy efficiency, additional noise reduction, or windows that are just incredibly easy to operate and maintain, there are plenty of great replacement window options now available to you.

Trending Window Styles & Designs for 2021

As it is true for most every other product or category you can think of, window trends come and go. Some trends are more about aesthetics; others are focused around practical performance. The best window manufacturers, however, are constantly striving to innovate on both fronts. Want to learn more about what’s hot right now in terms of window styles and designs? Here are some  current trends we’re following for 2021:

·       Natural ventilation and eco-friendliness

Eco-friendliness is a trend that simply isn’t going away. Not only are more folks interested in reducing their ecological footprint; they’re also motivated to reduce their energy costs any way they can! And many are interested in cutting down on HVAC usage by harnessing as much fresh air as possible. In terms of replacement window solutions which help promote cross-ventilation, casement windows, awning windows, and slider windows are all trending upwards in popularity.

·       Large picture windows

For people who really appreciate a room with a view, large picture windows are definitely “in” right now. These fixed windows come in all shapes and sizes, and can even be designed to fill large expanses of space from the floor all the way up to the ceiling. These large, unbroken panes really showcase your backyard (or any other yard) views, and usher in a ton of natural light, too. Want to add in some more ventilation possibilities? You can always add some operable windows either above, below, or on either side of your large picture window focal point.

·       Windows with built-in seating

Looking for a view to the outdoors that comes with its own built-in spot for sitting and soaking it all in? Bay windows and bow windows are trending for that very purpose. Both bay and bow windows are designed to extend out from your home in a way that creates more interior space – including the option for a built-in extended sill which can serve as a bench – without requiring any additional available wall space. Bay windows are typically arranged in an angled geometric series, while bow windows take on the shape of an arc with smoother curves. The central windows in each style arrangement are usually large fixed windows, while the flanking windows can be single-hung, double-hung, casement, or other operational window types.

·       Counter windows

Looking for other ways to combine indoor and outdoor living? Another trend that’s popular, especially for homes with decks or patios, is a counter window design. And when we say a counter window, that’s literally what it is – a pass-through serving counter. It’s a great way to connect the kitchen to a back porch or deck, and it’s fairly simple to accomplish. All that’s required is to replace an existing window with either a slider or casement window setup, and to extend the sill into a serving shelf which reaches several inches outdoors. It makes entertaining guests much easier, saves lots of walking back and forth, and can make the cleanup process simpler, too.

·       Sliding doors

And here’s another way to bring more of the outside inside that’s trending: sliding doors. Think of them as large slider windows that you can actually walk through. They come standard in two-panel options, but you can go bigger with a three-panel or even four-panel design, if you prefer. Like the large picture windows we mentioned above, these doors usher in plenty of sunlight and create a sense of openness to your space, without requiring any additional space. But you can also throw these babies wide-open anytime you want to let in plenty of outside air. They come with screens too, so you won’t have to worry about keeping any pesky bugs out.

·       Clad combination frames

But what to do for window frames? You could go with the traditional look and feel of real wood, but wood isn’t the best material for weather resistance when it comes to exterior framing. You could also choose the established low-maintenance performance of vinyl, but that may not be the look you’re really going for where your home interior is concerned.

Well, what if you could have the best of both worlds? You actually can, and that’s why clad windows are trending. The most popular are clad with vinyl on the outside, and then framed with a natural wood finish on the inside. But if a vinyl/wood combo isn’t your favorite, there are other material combinations you can choose as well, including fiberglass, aluminum, and others.

Color Trends for 2021

We know that when it comes to windows, looks certainly matter, too. And to that end, we don’t want to sign off without talking a bit about which colors are trending right now, too:

·       Black

Black frames, or what’s more commonly known as “dark windows,” started trending a few years back, and their popularity continues to grow. Some have even gone so far as to say that, when it comes to stylish window colors, black is the new white. In fact, black is probably the fastest-growing window color choice in America. Some of this may be due to the popular modern farmhouse craze, or it may simply be about the fact that more people are being drawn to the simplicity and clear contrast offered by a black window frame.

·       Bronze

Bronze is another color that’s trending for windows. Not only can it help set your windows apart on the exterior, but it also happens to blend in nicely with many of your typical interior furnishings.

·       Classic White

While you might not think of white as a “trending” color, it’s still the most popular window color choice by default. White also typically does a great job of matching most of your existing trim too, so it’s really hard to go wrong with a white window.

·       Bolder Colors

Blacks, whites, and neutrals are already well-established and well-liked, but there are also some bolder colors starting to trend when it comes to window trim. Deep greens, mustard yellows, English reds, browns, khakis, silvers, and even shades of purple have made some notable inroads into the window colors space. These days, it’s cool to think outside the box and jump deeper into the crayon box!


We hope you’ve found this article to be helpful in terms of following some of the latest window trends for 2021 (& beyond)! But no matter which style, color, or material you decide to go with, it’s still incredibly important to have your windows installed properly in the first place. The #1 cause of premature window failure isn’t about the product itself – it usually comes as a result of a botched installation!  

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