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Creating Some Green Space for Garden Lovers


Perhaps you’re someone who grew up in a family who always had a backyard garden area, or you just revel in the idea of creating and maintaining your own green space. No matter your background or your current interests, there are some practical ways to satisfy your need for green space in and around your home. Ready to add more greenery into your life? There are plenty of great ways to make that happen!

Bringing the Outdoors Inside

Regardless of what your available space looks like outdoors, one thing that anyone can do is to find some creative ways to bring more of the outdoors inside. Indoor container plants don’t just serve to bring more green to your interior décor scheme; they also provide some real health benefits in the way of producing some fresh oxygen and helping to boost the quality of your air indoors. You don’t necessarily need the best of green thumbs to be able to grow these plants and keep them healthy, either. Some good, low-maintenance interior plant options include ferns, English ivy, herbs, and snake plants, among others.

Kitchen Garden Plants

Growing plants that you can also eat is a win-win. Looking to incorporate some kitchen garden elements into your home décor? We mentioned herbs above, so let’s start there. Many herbs are quite easy to grow in the space of a windowsill, and there’s no substitute for being able to include fresh herb cuttings in your favorite recipes – they’re much better-tasting than any dried herb packet you could buy at the store!

But while herbs are popular go-to kitchen garden options, they’re by no means the only plants that can thrive in your cooking space. You may not want to take on any high-maintenance plants like celery or cauliflower, but you could certainly add some other easy-to-grow crops like salad leaves, other leafy greens, certain chili plants, peas, strawberries, and other pot-friendly veggies. 

Mini Succulent Garden

Looking for some good indoor plant options that aren’t necessarily edible? Consider going with some succulents. Many succulents are quite easy to grow and maintain, and can be some very versatile houseplants for adding to your home’s interior design.

In fact, most succulents actually need little in the way of water or daylight and are generally some of the lowest-maintenance plants you could choose. In addition, succulents tend to feature intriguing designs and aesthetic features which help to create a great focal point for nearly any home interior location. It’s hard to go wrong with succulents!

Indoor Hanging Plants

You don’t always have to keep your plants on the floor or on a table to enjoy having some natural greenery in your home, either. Hanging them on a wall or from the ceiling is another creative option! 

With an innovative approach like this, you can really insert a splash of greenery into practically any territory of your home. Wall-hanging plants are an effective way to green up your space, and blooming plants offer even more aesthetic value in terms of looks, and in some cases, even pleasant smells. In addition, they take up little to no room, so they’re perfect to use in places that offer little space to spare. You can choose a minimalistic approach and go with simple ropes for hanging, or you can also opt for more elaborate, ornamental hanging planters if you like. These are available for house plants of essentially all shapes and sizes.

Indoor-Outdoor Hybrid Garden

A half-and-half garden helps blend both indoor and outdoor plants, and can even help create the sense that your space is larger than it really is. In order to create this type of creative (and possibly even colorful) plant space for your home décor, you’ll need to choose an area that ushers in plenty of natural light – most outdoor plants in particular need the sun’s rays for proper health and growth. Sunrooms and enclosed porch spaces can be great for turning into your own indoor/outdoor hybrid garden space. Grab a spare bookcase or two, or install some simple shelving, and you’re well on the way to getting started!

Balcony Garden Options

Got a sunny balcony, porch, or deck? Then you’ve got an easy way to create some outdoor garden space. You don’t have to let yourself be limited by a lack of readily available yard space. Creating your own balcony garden can be fun, fulfilling, attractive, and even practical. Some of the best plants to choose for a full-sun balcony garden are those which are tolerant of direct exposure and don’t require much in the way of watering maintenance. There are many bright and colorful plant and flower options, and even some types of vegetables and fruit trees that don’t need a whole lot of attention once they’re established. There are lots of creative planting options, including everything from vertical planters, to railing planters, to trellises, to container gardens, to lush living walls.

Outdoor Garden Space Solutions for Schools, Parks, and Community Organizations

Regardless of how much outdoor space you have around your personal residence, many times there is some good, available space around the business, school, or nonprofit organization you help to lead. Choosing which annual or perennial plants to include is certainly important, but there are other ways to really set your garden space apart and help it to stand out. Looking for some good, attractive, multifunctional Outdoor Structure solutions for your school, park, municipal, or community space? Carolina Recreation & Design provides and installs arbors, gazebos, and pergolas in all sorts of popular sizes and designs. We can take care of any needed site preparation, too! Connect with us today, we’re here to help!

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