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How to build confidence in what you’re wearing?

When you can find something you’re confident in, that’s the perfect style for you. The way you dress can tell others your personality, but it can also alter it. People wearing three-piece suits seem to be sophisticated and wealthy businessmen, not only because of what they are wearing but because of the way they walk and talk.

You can indeed tell a lot about a person’s personality by their attire. However, you should also know that you can adjust your personality with the way you choose to dress. Some individuals don’t feel confident no matter what they are wearing, but there are ways to fix that.

Steps to make you feel confident with the way you dress:

Have you ever heard someone mention a lucky shirt or a lucky jacket? Of course, you have because this is something widespread. The real reason behind people thinking that their jacket or shirt is lucky is because they feel confident enough to do anything while wearing it. Besides, we know for a fact that everything is possible if you believe in yourself.

Thus here are some tips to build up your confidence and make sure to follow each step accordingly.

Step 1. Focus on the Purpose:

The first step of building confidence is knowing your purpose, goal, or target that you wish to achieve. You need to ask yourself “why”. You need to know and believe in the purpose. As If you are opting for an interview, try to focus on the purpose.

The purpose could be “a step further in building your career” or “making your dream come true” Once you know what you are looking for, you can start feeling more confident in yourself.

If you are going out for a picnic with your family, you indeed can’t show up wearing a tie, can you? Because that isn’t anything like your office meeting. Thus you need to know the purpose of why you are dressing up in the first place.

Step 2. Act accordingly to the fundamentals of men's wear:

You need to be aware of what you need to have while picking out the perfect clothes. For instance, you are looking for a denim jacket to wear for casual Saturdays in your office, but you picked out a denim jacket with patches, this won’t be the best option for you in any way. 

However, if you wanted to attend a party, this jacket style would have been valid. Therefore knowing the main fundamentals is essential, and an easy way to remember these is by checking the fabric, fitness, and function of the clothes you are looking to get.

Step 3. Find examples, practice & Learn to adjust:

Thanks to the internet you can find anyone wearing the same clothes you have picked out for an occasion. After you’ve got a better idea of how your choice will look, you can get some pointers to adjust and wear the clothes ideally.

If you choose to wear a two-piece suit at a business meeting, you should know every minor detail of wearing it perfectly, such as what colored shirt you should wear, the perfect length of the tie, and much more. These small things give you an extra edge on looking confident.


Feeling confident isn’t always enough because if you want to achieve your goals, you should look confident. Our personality is affected by the way we look, therefore looking good is the best way to gain confidence in yourself. A great place to get a variety of quality men’s wear is Rastah, so make sure to check it out for the best dressing experience.

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