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Why refreshing your blog content is essential in 2021

Blogging and posting important content is a handy tool to improve traffic to your website and your services. Imagine your website without a blog. This won't be very interesting and besides…

  • Websites that have a blog usually have 434 percent more indexed pages. This is amazing, isn't it?
  • Companies who blog, receive 97 percent more links to their website.
  • Some people make money by monetizing blogs.

Even if you write only one post a week on your website's blog, build new, sensible content related to your business because this is one of the keys to your success.

HEY, time changes and of course ideas too. If you even have an excellent blog, you should update it sometimes. But why? There are plenty of reasons.

Timeless blog topics will continuously generate more views month after month, so make sure to write about issues you know will be of interest to your target audience.

#1 Time brings new opportunities

Depending on the service you provide, you have to follow and sometimes refresh all the posts you have because, during the time, a lot can change. Republish old blog posts changing some details on them. Only if you work diligently can you make it feel like new. If you just only make some small changes, it will be a good advantage for your blog, and your readers will like it more. 

#2 Freshness factor 

Of course, this is also a good marketing strategy. Who will like your website and read about your service if the blog is not active and fresh? Rewrite your content, which is also an opportunity to share it with your audience again if it is an existing topic to speak about, and do not make your audience angry, especially when sharing the content on other platforms.

#3 Show that your readers are essential for you

If you even post your articles rarely and your website looks well, it means that you care about the people who are passionate about your service and read your articles.

#4 Trends 

As I already mentioned, time changes, so everything in this life changes too. Parallel to the development of technology, the articles you had already written could be no longer in demand and fashionable. Maybe a lot of topics and equipment you had spoken about changed a lot and are not trendy.

#5 Changes in SEO

SEO has the potential to bring consistent traffic to your blog

According to research, 75% of search engine users don't scroll beyond the first page.

Start with lower-performing blog posts

If you find that your low performing blog posts are ones that need some profound love and attention, then there are a few options for you:

Add, Edit content – 

Your 1st step can be adding more content to your blog. Make sure it is helpful, and readers like it. 

Some useful tools you should know before posting and refreshing the content.

Google Analytics: To understand which posts of your blog need a refresh, you have to see how they're performing. Tools like Google Analytics analyze the traffic on your blog posts and other behaviors such as time spent on a page and the bounce rate. Use Google Analytics to make your lists of commands to refresh on your business blog.

SEO Plugins

The plugin is a really good tool for you if you still want and need to optimize your posts for SEO. Here keywords can help you as you have to insert the keywords and let the plugin tell you how to improve your post to rank high on search engines. 

Improve The Title If Needed

The title of an article is as essential as the whole article as it should be a motive for you to read the blog. Draw someone to click on it and read it.

Remove Irrelevant Information & Add Updated Insights

Review the article for information that is actually no more trendy to the industry and pay attention to remove them and replace them with a new perspective on the subject.

Review All Media, Links, Facts, and Figures. Double-check that all the links, statistics, facts you wrote about and uploaded. I have already spoken about it, but because of its importance, I mentioned it again. 

Don't Change The URL Of The Article

When you realize that it is time to update your previously published content, always remember that the original URL should not be changed because of the article as that will break the link to the piece, breaking all links to the resource on any websites and social media, as well as losing your rankings in search.

To sum up

A blog can help you advertise.

Do you need to speak about the importance of blogging for your website? This topic is infinite, and you can talk and read about it for hours. Let me just emphasize one of the most important advantages that blogging gives you. In this way, you will probably understand why you should refresh your blog content often.

As statistics show, approximately 80% of companies prefer to have an ad in the form of various articles instead of the traditional way that suggests customers trust and use their service and buy their products. And customers are also getting a little tired of the conventional methods of commercials and advertising, so this is a creative way to present your services. That's why you should respect yourself and your service, make changes and renew your articles.

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