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7 Reasons Why Businesses Should Choose Fiber Optic Internet


The internet has become a constitutive part of every business nowadays. For operating the business processes smoothly, the internet should be fast, secure, and reliable. Therefore, it is imperative to choose the type of internet that speaks your business language and keeps up with your business processes. One such internet that is making headlines lately is fiber optic internet. The more the internet speed, the higher the amount of data a company can process. Thus, many businesses are shifting to fiber optic internet from their traditional internet connection.

Still, confused if fiber internet can improve your business processes or not? Check out the compelling reasons that can provide you a clearer picture:

       No Bandwidth Throttling

Many of you might notice that power goes when we need it the most in hot scorching summer. The reason behind numerous power outages is an overload on power lines. Similarly, the cable internet systems go down at peak times. This process is called bandwidth throttling. In order to ration their bandwidth, internet providers lower the internet speed. The good news is that fiber optic internet is less vulnerable to overload, and there is no bandwidth throttling.

       Better Internet Speed

Fiber internet provides a much higher speed than DSL, which is roughly 1Gbps. On the flip side, other internet connections offer 50 - 100 Mbps bandwidth. In today's accelerating world, businesses need a speedy internet, and else it can impact productivity. With the introduction of cloud services, almost every company is operating through the internet.

Slow internet speed can be frustrating while conferencing with customers or doing research. Even a mere seconds lag in the loading speed can affect productivity. It is a considerable loss that can cost the company's hefty amount. Addressing the issues, fiber internet service providers came to the rescue with a faster internet connection.

       More Secured Network

No matter the business type, network security is a priority. With a cable internet connection, your business is vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Cable tapping relatively eases the theft and serves your company’s confidential information on a platter to the hackers. Fortunately, we have fiber optic cables that make penetration difficult. Cybercriminals need to cut the wire to penetrate the network, which will vanish the signals. Therefore, fiber internet is a safer internet for businesses.

Whether you are a big company or have a local business, all are susceptible to cyber-attacks. Upgrading your internet services to fiber optic will offer you a more protected work environment.

       Optimal Signal Strength

If you are using a traditional cable internet connection, you will notice a change in internet speed as you move away from the modem. But, signal strength remains unified in fiber optic connections. The signal strength remains unaffected by electromagnetic interference, making the transmission of data smoother and offering stability in speed.

On the other hand, copper-based wires are permeable to electromagnetic interference, resulting in disrupting signals. Therefore, large-scale organizations with huge spaces can benefit from fiber optic internet as it provides better signal throughout the facility.

       Symmetric Download & Upload Speed

You might have encountered earlier that upload and download speed has huge differences because of the type of internet connection you are using. This difference can result in lower productivity of the business. With fiber internet connectivity, you will get symmetric download and upload speed to improve your business operations.

The workstation that is at a distant location from the telecommunication area is more likely to encounter fluctuation in internet speed with the traditional connection. Therefore, optical internet can help businesses run smoothly. 

       No Latency

If your organization decides to migrate to the cloud, fiber optic internet increases the ability to move the number of applications to the cloud. You will get an optimal user experience without any latency of data transmission or hindrance in the connection. Even in the high-definition content, the download and upload speed will remain the same, offering your employees better collaboration and a smooth work environment.

       Multiple User Supported

As discussed earlier, fiber optic internet is extremely beneficial for large-scale businesses that have over 500+ employees. Working with traditional internet can be daunting as a few add up employees can slow down the internet speed. But on the other hand, fiber internet can host several individuals simultaneously. Seeing the advantages, many big companies have switched to fiber internet for leveraging them. If your internet connection is not meeting the needs, shifting to fiber internet is the optimal option.

In Final Words

Without a reliable internet connection, the functions of businesses are affected negatively. The scalability and flexibility fiber internet provides you is unmatched. It is an investment that can render you hefty returns in consideration. Therefore, if you have made peace with snail-speed internet, you need to think twice. After all, you don't want to take a risk with your business productivity.

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