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Spirituality; How to Achieve It and Its Many Health Benefits

Spirituality means different things to every person; for those that practice a religion, it is quite apparent; as for those that do not, the word takes a different meaning, shape and form – Both valid and weighty in their own respect.

Spiritual health as a term is vastly misunderstood and associated with religion or a belief in higher power(s). This has pushed people back and discouraged them to seek the true meaning of having a healthy balance of spirituality within.

Consider this, spirituality for one would be visiting the church or a mosque, while for someone else, it would be to take a day off and recharge within the nature. Whether you consider yourself religious or not, your spiritual health is of utmost importance. It is the very center within you that dictates your value system, your morals, your principles on which you choose to live your life.

Once we are away from that core system, we disconnect from the very being that we are and start to live on the path dictated to us by others – that only starts a cycle that only drains us completely.

Besides, a study conducted by the famous Mayo Clinic dictates that those who are spiritual or religious or both tend to live longer than those without any concrete set of belief system. You see, spirituality is more than just a set of belief, it is a lifestyle, a set of rules you define for yourself – which could be to never lie, or to always return the money borrowed, or to always give people the benefit of the doubt or to always put your wellbeing first in order to safeguard your inner self.

Before we discuss the benefits of Spiritual Health, let’s discuss the ways you can elevate your spiritual health.

Five Important Ways You Can Improve Your Spiritual Health

A life without purpose, meaning, an in-depth understanding of your own self and that of your surroundings, you are just an empty vessel. A vessel that can be filled with whatever, by anyone and at any time. This also open you to the darkness that is ready to engulf anyone vulnerable and confused in sight. Be it gross exploitation, manipulation, and other evil tricks that people like to play with the lost.

So, how can you focus on strengthening your inner-self to become emotionally and mentally strong being that you are destines to be? Here are 5 ways to achieve that.

1. Seek Your Spiritual Center

Your journey starts with you and you alone; so start asking yourself about the person you are and whether the current version is someone you are proud of? Ask yourself the necessary questions that include, “what do you value the most?”, “What are the things you count as deal-breakers”, so on, and so forth.

Once you start this journey of self-actualization, you will find the loopholes and the areas you need work.

2. Look for Substance in Meaning

Remove the mundane and the shallow. Explore higher and deeper meaning in life. You can start doing this by being mindful and attentive to not just your surroundings and the people you meet, but also how you carry yourself.

3. Try Yoga and Meditate

There is nothing more soothing and painful at the same time then to sit with yourself completely in seclusion. You either meet the most broken areas of yourself while you exclude the outer word from the equation or you find clarity on many things that kept you chained to negative emotions.

If you are lucky, you achieve both, and the results are beautiful. The unbecoming of you is the very phase where you rise like a phoenix.

4. Think Positively and Dismiss Negative Thoughts

This will save you tons of time, effort, and energy (mental, emotional, and spiritual). Make it a habit to think positive and expect positive. Try battling those bouts of anxiety, self-doubt, and negativity of any kind.

5. Go Out and Explore

Somethimes just heading out and exploring on your own can be therapeutic. When you start to observe your surroundings and embrace your solitude, much become clear.

Now that you are aware of the 5 ways you can uplift your spiritual side. You can proceed to read the fruits that you can now receive from the hard work you placed in doing your shadow work.

Health Benefits of Spirituality

If you feel at any point that this isn’t cut out for someone like you then you have a spiritual consultant at your side, ready to take this journey with you and provide you with the necessary guidance/assistance that you require.

Better and Stronger Immune System

Consider the benefits of having a healthy spirituality like a ripple effect. If you manage to elevate your spiritual health you are looking forward to a number of things coming in-line automatically – one of them being your immune system.

Considering that you have been meditating and doing yoga, you are clearing your mental and spiritual clutter which ultimately improves your physical well-being. Stress, negativity, self-deprecating thoughts, and harmful eating habits can destroy a human being from inside-out. Consider working on your spirituality as rehabilitation of your entire being.

Once your spirituality is in-check, you can expect a well-balanced life that has boosted hormones and immunity along with your brain function.

Improved Emotional State 

We all are battling some demons inside our minds – be it depression, anxiety, trauma, and whatnot. Once you start your shadow work and strengthen your will-power, your emotional well-being improves itself. You will notice a renewed sense of urge to mingle with your close friends and family again.

It is also advised to find like-minded people and sit with people that have already gone through what you are currently facing – this way, they will be the guide and support group you always needed.

The right company can make life better and let you have the positive outlook as you will realize that life has a habit of throwing curve balls.

Renewed Sense of Self and Confidence

Once you are spiritually connected, you start to believe in yourself. Why? Because you finally realize the person you are and what is your potential. This way, your self-confidence improves, elevates, and hence, you start to participate in the matters of social life.

Apart from the few benefits mentioned, there are tons depending on each individual – as every story is different. Nonetheless, on a generic point of view, you also build a strong support system along with a reduced levels of risk of contracting any diseases.

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