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COVID-19: 10 Tech Trends Getting Us Through the Pandemic

Epidemics are threatening the human race 

The COVID-19 outbreak went overboard and left no stone unturned to erase the existence of humans from this planet. It’d be an understatement if we say it failed in its agenda. It caused a lot of damage and took 36.4 million people away. People were devastated mentally and physically.

However, the evolving world we are in now is the outcome of COVID-19. After all, it is called an eye-opener for a reason. It showed us the importance of technology and brought the digital transition. If it is to mention one thing that kept the people from going insane during this pandemic, It would be the existence of technology.

What is the link between technology and pandemic?

Technology and pandemic are two entirely different things but shares a very deep connection. Whereas pandemic was busy taking people’s life away, technology couldn’t prevent the onsets of it but it prevented the spread of it. It educated, empowered and warned the people about its strength.

It made the society resilient towards the COVID-19 and made them robust to fight back. During the Coronavirus, technologies played a very important role in keeping our society functional. It accelerated the development of several emerging businesses and despite everything under a shutdown, nothing stopped working. Here are some of the tech trends that got us through the pandemic.

1.    Distance Learning

In mid-march, the school association all over the world decided the closure of the schools until the coronavirus cases declined. They were reopened in the second week of September. During the time they were closed, a new learning strategy was introduced by the means of technology, Distance Learning. Teachers taught their student from home on digital platforms like Zoom and Skype and distance learning was made possible and easier.

2.    Virtual Reality Technology

The use of VR technology during this pandemic increased with immense speed as people wanted to explore more virtual travel destinations. People couldn’t go to the places they wanted to visit so they brought everything to their house by bringing the VR technology. Through virtual technology, people could see anywhere in the world and enjoy the feel of being in that place.

3.    Robotics and Drones

It is said in the future, Robots are going to take the places of a lot of humans and their jobs, and it has started to prove right. This pandemic, when everything was under a strict lockdown and people couldn’t leave their houses to avoid human interaction, Dogs were walked by the robots on the street. Robots even delivered food and other essentials to people houses.

4.    Hand Contactless Payment

COVID-19 got triggered even more because of the germs being transmitted from one person to another through the exchange of the currency: Notes, Coins. Hence, digital payments in the form of cards and   e-wallets are being highly appreciated. Digital payments allow people to do online shopping for services and goods and pay digitally.

However, not everybody owns a bank account hence the option of paying through cards isn’t accessible by everybody and people who don’t own a bank account will still employ the older medium of currency.

5.    Online Shopping and Services

Despite the shutdown in the world, shopping didn’t stop and it probably never will. Almost all of the shops and services were brought to the internet and the idea of online shopping boosted even more during the pandemic. A lot of the students also approached Australia and Cheap assignment writing service UK writer service online to get their assignments done without having to face any hassle.

Whereas a few of the businesses collapsed too because of their inability to bring their shops online, most of them benefited from the lockdown and created smashing figures as their revenue.

6.    Online Entertainment

We owe a huge part of our sanity to the online entertainment that kept us distracted and took our mind a little off this disaster. Online gaming increased during the pandemic and virtual tours of historic places were made available for people to see on the internet. Virtual concerts also became a thing during this pandemic.

7.    Tech-Health, Lesser Visits To The Hospital

Most of the people avoided visiting hospitals during this pandemic due to the fright of COVID-19, hence new health apps were introduced where it was made easy for the patient to connect to the doctors and have an online video discussion. Moreover, chatbots are designed in such a way that they can diagnose the disease initially through analyzing the early symptoms.

8.    Remote Work

During this pandemic, working from home was made the new normal and employees were trained in such a way that they efficiently did all the work from the home. Remote working is no less than a blessing given by technology to us which decreased the spread of coronavirus.

9.    5G Information and Communication Technology

5G internet will be the new era with the fastest internet connection. During this pandemic when people had to remote work, the need for a fast-working internet was realized. This type of data will provide us with very fast downloads and high connectivity speed which means things can be downloaded and processed very fast through 5G.

10. Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is one of the most important technologies for businesses and organizations, especially those who are more data-driven. As work from home was done during the pandemics, the systems were more exposed to the hackers who could’ve attacked as the data was more vulnerable. In this challenging situation, the implementation of cybersecurity practices can save a lot of systems from these malicious attacks.

To sum up,

Pandemics do have the potential of wiping out the people from this planet and we aren’t even geared up as yet to take a stand. It is important for humans to adapt to the new forms of technology as tech is helping people cope up with their lives and managing the pandemic. These converging technologies are a life-saver!

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