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Top 8 best apps for Apple Watch 2020

If you have bought yourself a smart watch, there is definitely no shortage of accompanying applications, right! If you make a small comparison, it is easy to recognize that the smart watch app stores of Google, Samsung and Fitbit provide somewhat "inferior" than Apple Watch's app store. Obviously, the app store that Apple Watch owns not only wins in quantity but also in quality. Now, with new features like GPS, LTE, water resistance, and its great features, you absolutely have a reason to choose an Apple smart watch as the best companion. So which best app for Apple Watch should you download first? Check out in the post now!

1. Best weather app: Carrot Weather

Actually, Carrot Weather is a great weather application that you can easily own. With its intuitive interface, this application can completely help you to clearly track all weather information provided. Along with the excellent visibility, "she" also provides detailed information about the weather extremely accurate. You will not have to worry about sudden rains, or forget to bring an umbrella when it is hot because there is a "strong assistant" to help you control and protect you as best as possible.

2. Track best workout: Strava

After experience and research, the best app for Apple Watch for sports enthusiasts was born. And almost this indispensable application of every sports fan "love" Smart Watch. Strava Running is well-loved thanks to its GPS visibility and provides all the details. This information is most relevant to your exercise, such as distance traveled, running time and training intensity. Not only that, Strava can combine with other platforms to sync and remember your workout history, and for extreme compatibility with Apple Watch. And another special point is that this great application can work well without the need for a Smart Phone next to it.

3. Best Apple Watch performance app: Things 3

Things 3 will help you create a list of things you need to do, and "she" also tracks them the easiest way. Three main elements are: Today, Upcoming and Anytime. They also give you a better understanding of what needs to be done immediately, hurry or release a bit. After each job is completed, the application will highlight to help you easily divide the type of work, and you will also be able to add new activities quickly without spending too much time and effort.

4. Best for sports fans: ESPN

Are you busy with a busy life? Did you forget about the exciting matches just to please someone? But never mind, with ESPN you will be able to follow sports results as well as the latest information about your favorite athletes, teams and hot battles anywhere, and any when. Maybe it's when you're having lunch or even a "quick" flash through the Apple Watch right in the meeting room.

5. Best workout app: Carrot Fit

Not stopping there, another great app from CARROT called Carrot Fit. With this application, you can relax for body training activities, sports practice in the easiest way. Exercises such as "Celebrity Face Punches" or "Dragon Mating Dances" will definitely make you most satisfied.

6. Best note-taking app on Apple Watch: Cheatsheet

You are a person who often forgets things that you cannot control, such as a WiFi password, a new phone number, or someone else's first name. Do not worry! The Cheatsheet app will be a great help for you. With Cheatsheet, you will easily take notes of your important and confidential information right on the tiny watch in your hand.

7. Best app for Apple Watch: Streaks

Do you know what this app helps you with? In fact, Streaks will remember, display and help you create some necessary habits that are useful for your life that you can hardly create yourself. Unlike other apps that are always aiming for great work, Streaks simply memorizes and counts the number of times you perform each habit (remember up to 6 habits at once).

8. Impressive calculator for Apple Watch: PCalc

Apple has "forgotten" a useful feature for you called "computer". PCalc application appears as a "hero" to save "the whole world" for you in the most urgent moment. With an impressive interface design combined with extremely intelligent calculations. The small computer on your wrist will be the perfect choice for you.

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