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Top 4 best free streaming apps 2020

Do you want to fine the best free streaming apps for your own?, you should spend time to read out the post to look for.

1. Phim moi

PhimMoi for Ipad and Iphone devices is a recently launched application but has an eye-catching, professional user interface and offers many stable features. This is an application that has a lot of movies in HD quality, from the old movies to the new movies in theaters. Fast movie loading speed, stable connection, few ads, diverse movie categories and especially without fees are strengths that are hard to find in other applications on the App Store.

2. Hub Movie

Hub Movie is the leading free movie player for mobile devices and works stably on the Android platform with many strengths. It is a huge film warehouse with thousands of titles smartly and visually divided across genres, countries and production years. New movies are updated quickly and automatically. Moreover, the high-speed and stable HD movie loading speed makes entertainment on mobile devices better than ever. In particular, PhimHub offers a free movie download feature for offline viewing that few applications on the market can do.

3. Film 365

Film 365 is also a free HD movie viewer for devices running on the Android platform. The application provides rich and varied content of all genres with high quality. Film and video topics focus on content related to Asian and American film genres. The interface of the application is easy to see and beautiful, with content that is constantly updated and is often a strong point of Movie 365. However, the inconvenience of this application is that there are types of instream ads that can appear any at any time during the movie.

4. App Movie

This is the high-quality HD movie application used on the 4th Android platform in the list of Top 5 free HD movie applications on IOS and Android. The Movies App provides a high-quality HD movie pool assembled from many famous movie sources like movies, bilutv or hdonline. Therefore, you can freely select movie links actively and easily, including the option to watch narrative movies or subtitles.

5. VungTV HD

VungTV HD is the last name in the ranking, the application has not been launched for a long time so there are not many strong points compared to the rest of the rankings. The source of Retail Movies is constantly updated with Hollywood movies, American films, Asian films, Korean films, Vietnamese films in theaters, Asian Drama series, Korean films, Korean films, Chinese films, Taiwan films, and Indian films. With a modern design, friendly interface, easy to use, fast and stable speed, HD quality, VungTV gives you the most complete entertainment experience.

6. HBO

The famous HBO movie channel has provided HBO GO and HBO NOW applications for the two most popular mobile platforms currently iOS and Android.
Advantages of the app:
- HBO allows users to watch movies and TV shows directly from phones or tablets and televisions.
-  In addition to the ability to watch live like a traditional TV channel, the HBO GO and HBO NOW apps also have the ability to review old episodes or TV shows, including behind-the-scenes footage.
-  HBO has a Watchlist function that helps you customize the show list and bookmark to enjoy later.
- You must have a subscription to the HBO channel and you are currently a customer of a TV service provider affiliated with HBO to use the service.
- The transmission line  of HBO is not stable.
-  Only movies available on HBO are available, the number of Asian movies is limited.

7. Apple TV

Apple TV is an online TV viewing service which are providing service for customers in more than 100 countries to subscribe to premium TV networks including HBO, Showtime, Epix, Smithsonian Channel, Starz and Tastemade.
Advantages of the app:
The new Apple TV app incorporates many services to help viewers watch live or on-demand movies, TV shows, news and sports through a personalized search or recommendations.
- In the first phase of release, to subscribers see all available channel packages, users will have to pay a high price comparing with other apps.
- Currently the new application of Apple TV will only be available on Apple devices along with 2019 Samsung smart TVs and some 2018 models.

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