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How to choose the best web hosting for small business

In a simple way, if the website is a house, the domain name is the address of the house, then hosting is the land on which the house is built. Hosting is also the place where all transactions, exchanging information between internet users and website, supporting internet software activities. Therefore, if you want to built the best web hosting for small business, you should spend time to read out the post.

What is hosting?

Host - Web Hosting is collectively known as Hosting. It is an online data storage and sharing service, and is a space on the server with installed Internet services such as world wide web (www), file transfer (FTP), Mail and so on. You can also store web content or data on that space.

What are the requirements and essential features of best web hosting for small business?

A good hosting is evaluated based on factors such as speed, capacity, bandwidth, load capacity as well as support services of the hosting provider.
-  Speed
Page load speed is the period of time that is counted from when the internet user starts accessing the website until the content on the web is completely downloaded. The ideal page load time is 3 to 5 seconds. In order to get the best page load speed, the server running the web service must be large enough to handle smoothly, responding to large amounts of traffic at the same time. High-speed connection to the data circuit is not blocked. In case you want to use foreign hosting, you should choose a server in Japan or Singapore to have the fastest download speed.
-  Capacity
Hosting capacity is the storage capacity (Disk space) - the space in the server hard drive you are using to store your data. The more data a website has, the bigger the hosting capacity must be. The paid hosting usually provides Disk Space from 1GB to 10GB depending on the service package you register.
-  Bandwidth
Bandwidth of a hosting is the amount of data exchanged between websites and internet users in a month. For example, if you upload your website a document file size 1MB, within a month, having 100 customers download the document file. It means that the bandwidth you have consumed is 100MB. Therefore, you need to balance the number of visitors to your site. If the balance is not good, the cost related to the bandwidth will be huge.
-  Load capacity
The hosting load capacity is the ability to accept the number of people online at the same time. There are hosting packages that can allow thousands of people to access at the same time, the page loading speed is still very smooth. But there are hosting packages only a few dozen online people have reported unable to access.
To know the load capacity of a hosting package is good or not, you should refer to the evaluation of those who have used this service pack before.
-   The provider has good support service
Hosting is not similar as domain. Domain once registered is usually not too many problems arise but hosting can cause many errors for the website. Therefore, when choosing to use hosting of any company, you need to consider carefully the support services and customer care team of that company. A good web hosting service provider should have a quick and effective support team when the website has a problem.

How to know where is the hosting you need?

Currently. There are many different types of hosting which you can choose. So how to know where is the hosting you need? The following information will give you some helpful tips:
-  Shared Hosting: suitable for personal blogs, websites for small and medium organizations. This type of hosting is not suitable for a business that uses the web for sales and large organizations with many visits per day.
-  VPS Hosting: Perfect for most medium to large organizations, large online stores or blogs. Depending on future traffic, you may need a scalable VPS package.
-   Dedicated Server Hosting: provides some real benefits compared to VPS packages but more difficult to manage. You should only choose this type of hosting if you have good knowledge of information technology and capable of server administration.

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