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Top 7 amazing anime streaming apps 2020

If you are a big fan of anime, you can not miss out amazing anime streaming apps. Here are the popular Anime apps used to watch and draw Anime on various media like phones and computers. You can freely entertain yourself anytime and anywhere for free.

What does anime mean?

Vietnam has animation, America has cartoon, so what does Japan have? Perhaps all of us easily guessed it was anime. Japan has a lot of popular anime and one of them is the Doraemon cartoon series. While watching many such anime, but do you know what anime means? And this word come from?
Anime in Japanese is: this word is borrowed from the English word "animation" which means "cartoon". Anime is the term used to talk about cartoons produced from Japanese Manga comics and Anime is recognized worldwide as it is a very specific Japanese culture.
The anime characters feature large round eyes, and glitter, colors, vivid characters and a wide range of themes. Currently, the design of characters with eyes larger than normal is considered the standard of the anime.

Top wonderful anime streaming apps

1. MegaFim

MegaFim is the leading high quality new movie application. With this application you have the opportunity to watch as many as thousands of movies with many special genres such as Japanese Anime, American blockbusters with the best quality.
With many useful features, this version helps viewers have a true experience. The outstanding advantages of this MegaFim application are:
      Movies are constantly updated;
      Great picture quality in Full HD standard, fast loading speed;
      Diverse genres: Action, Comedy, Horror, Romance, Psychology
      Provide complete information in each movie;
      Nice and simple interface;
      Multi-language subtitles, easily customizable;
      Movie recording mode likes very convenient.

2. ZingTV

Zing TV is an HD video player with thousands of Korean films, Chinese films, Hong Kong films, shows, cartoons. The place brings viewers the video warehouse with HD quality, extremely rich content and updated many new movies, according to different ages, especially anime for kids. Therefore, ZingTV is known as the best choice for anime streaming app.

3. Tevi

If you are a loyal fan of anime, then surely we will not be able to ignore this software to watch Tevi movies. The application gets a great visit, because of a lot of following reason:
      Lets watch movies online aggregate all genres
      High transmission speed, good quality
      Quickly update the latest and hottest movies

4. Tubi TV

When visiting Tubi TV, you can fully experience all genres from action movies, romantic movies, comedies, cartoons and so on. Furthermore, the most special and wonderful things in the app is that you absolutely can watch movies 24/24 even in offline status.
Furthermore, what makes Tubi TV so special is that viewers can browse interesting categories such as Not on Netflix, Highly Rated on Rotten Tomatoes and many more. With more than 40,000 TV shows and movies, Tubi TV is growing rapidly to become the favorite TV program of Internet users everywhere.

5. HDViet

This is an application to watch Anime HD movies, HD TV online for free on Android phones and Android tablets. The app attracted people because of salient features:
      Experience movies, episodes with HD quality;
      Movie genre is diverse and abundant;
      Smart movie search function, quickly find your favorite movie;
      Support many most popular channels today
      Easily adjust the movie quality based on account, network quality;
      Allow continuing to watch the movies you have watched.

6. Anime TV

Anime TV is the fastest application to watch Anime vietsub HD today, you can freely experience authentic movies updated quickly. In addition, this application also gives users special utilities such as:
      Optimize 3G / 4G bandwidth;
      Updated movies regularly by month;
      Diverse different anime series;
     Easily select according to criteria such as: Name, year of manufacture, author, genre ...
      Save your favorite movies;
      Searching for anime movies quickly and accurately;
      Full dubbed, voice-over and sub movies;
      Can download offline view

7. Anime 247 TV

Anime 247 TV is an application to watch anime streaming online for free with more than 1000 anime movies in many different genres. Along with the quality of the images, clear HD sound, anime fans, manga, otaku are very excited to experience good movies. Therefore, if you are looking for the best app for watching anime, you can not miss out Anime 247 TV.

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