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Top 5 best movie apps for Firestick 2021

One of the common entertainment needs when using Fire TV Stick & Fire TV is watching TV, Football, Online Movies. In this article, we will show you the best movie apps for Firestick so that you can make the most of Fire TV's power. Unlike SmartTV, Android TV as Sony Bravia, Sharp AQUOS, MiBox, Nvidia Shield TV, Razor Forge TV, Nexus player ... with Amazon Fire TV you can install more comfortable applications, which can be added other useful features.

1. Terrarium

Specializes in American Film and TV shows. Terrarium is best movie apps for firestick. Here you can find all genres from theater genres, to American TV series. When choosing a movie, it will scan every possible link on the internet and you can download it to watch it, I see it scans the whole server of Google video too. Therefore, if you are looking for the best movie app for Firestick TV, you can not miss out Terrarium.
Besides that Terrarium is an online movie watching application on Android devices that allows you to watch, stream and download TV shows as well as enjoy free HD or FullHD movies. The advantage of this application supports identification and display on multiple screen sizes such as on phones, tablets and especially on devices with large screens such as Smart TV or Android TV Box.

2. Tubi TV

Tubi TV is another solution to watch other TV shows legally operating through license agreements on Firestick. Tubi TV is completely free app, so you just need to click on the program and start watching without setting up a free account as other watching apps. However, if you register for an account, the platform will track your viewing history and "learn" your viewers' interests to give you the best suggestions.
What makes Tubi TV so special is that viewers can browse interesting categories such as Not on Netflix, Highly Rated on Rotten Tomatoes and many more. Furthermore, more than 40,000 TV shows and movies, Tubi TV is growing rapidly to become the favorite TV program of Internet users everywhere.

3. Moviebox

Moviebox is a personal movie database, which helps to create lists of movies that have or have not been watched, see which movies are rated high, cast casting information, movie reviews and many other features.
Some features and characteristics of the application:
      Download / watch HD movies, TV Show unlimited
      Extremely fast content loading speed
      Regularly updated new content on the movie store
      Can choose the video quality to download & stream
      Support multi-platform such as iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux
      Modern and simple user interface

4. Kodi

Kodi is a multimedia application with full of great features such as watching 1080p HD movies from hard drive, DVD, BluRay, or from intranet, internet, it supports 5.1 audio, 3D, listen to music. lossless, radio, watch HD TV channels, add-on for 3rd party partners and can manage multiple files, truly a dinosaur app! Now the latest version of this app is available on Firestick devices. You can download this application to your TV Box device without paying anything.
Moreover, Because Kodi is an open source multimedia application for many operating systems, there have been many changes and fixes for each operating system and without advertising. In addition, it can also be used as a platform (flatform) running applications and Android is treated as a launcher, although this feature has not caused enough attention because it only focuses on handling HD content.

5. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is a source of foreign films with a rich stock of movies and new daily updates, for those who like to watch original foreign movies. The source of the movie is transmitted in the form of Torrent, so the transfer speed is quite good, especially if a movie is watched by many people at the same time (seeder), the download speed will be faster and more stable. Besides watching live, you can also download your hard drive to save for later viewing or watching while downloading, very convenient.
The wonderful thing of Popcorn Time is that it will automatically find installed video players on your computer, which you can watch with the PT player or another player, for example VLC or IINA. This is great because the player has quite a few features available, the external player has more features and is easier to add sub or stream to TV for example.
Following top 5 the best movie apps for firestick above. We hope you will have more information and can choice best movie apps for firestick for your family.

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