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Top 5 best video chat app 2020

Video calling applications are increasingly being developed by technology companies. However, not every application will satisfy users, because factors such as call quality, image clarity, sound or transmission speed of each application are different. So, the post has listed the top 5 best video chat apps for smartphones and tablets for you.

1. Facetime

Nearly all iPhone and iPad users are familiar with FaceTime which is Apple's video call application. Although FaceTime is limited to use on Apple products, its popularity is undeniable. And this is still the best video call application today.
In particular, the application FaceTime is also synchronized with the iPhone's contacts to help users can make video calls quickly without having to log in the application. Moreover, Facetime video calls run smoothly and you can use other applications while chatting with your loved ones.

2. Google Hangouts

Google's Hangouts app is already pre-installed on most Android devices, but it can also be installed on iOS devices. Besides the ability to video call with anyone in your contacts, Hangouts also allows users to make group calls with up to 10 people. This feature makes Hangouts the perfect app if you want to make video calls with the whole family. And while there are other apps that also allow group video chats, Hangouts is still the most popular application for this feature.

3. Viber

Viber is a phone application that allows you to text and make phone calls to other Viber accounts completely free. Viber works mainly based on Wifi or 3G. The sound quality of a Viber call is usually better than other calls. In particular, Viber also allows you to contact relatives and friends anywhere without spending a fee. This is the advantage that Viber outperforms other forms of calling or even Zalo. Currently, Viber application can support most operating systems such as Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Nokia and Bada.
According to PC Mag, Viber can now be used on different computers under Mac or Windows operating systems. Viber's desktop application is no different than on a phone, but the desktop interface is more appealing and eye-catching. In addition, the application on the computer also allows users to use the sticker easier and faster. Sticker is one of the most attractive features of any chat application. Viber currently has more than 350 million downloads on the app store. In particular, more than 100 million people have become users of Viber.

4. Skype

List of the best video chat apps today is indispensable to Skype because of its popularity. In particular, users can video chat via Skype on multiple platforms including iOS, Android, Windows and even on Windows Phone. When using Skype, users can enjoy amazing its features such as chats, group chats, insert emoticons, share files, photos right on the interface when chatting. Not only that, Skype also provides users the ability to create online meetings to easily exchange work. In addition, the app is also have ability to manage groups, contacts, add favorite contacts of users which is extremely powerful to help users more convenient during use.
Besides that, Microsoft is constantly improving the Skype application and bringing more important features such as free video calling, continuously improved online communication. Skype is gradually becoming the best chatting and messaging software on the world. This is best news for Facebook and Microsoft devotees who want to use Skype to connect with friends. So download free Skype for your device to make free texting and phone calls to stay connected with friends around the world.

5. Imo       

One of the most popular video calling apps right now is Imo. Imo is not a full messaging application like Hangouts or Viber or popular like Skype but it is still a reliable option if you just want to quickly make and receive video. Imo has a fairly simple and intuitive interface, allowing users to make video calls right from the contacts. Moreover, Imo also offers a social network called Imo Network that allows users to make new friends on the same network. Imo's chat interface is quite similar to Meebo, making it easy for users to search and access chat history. In addition, Imo also supports a number of applications (mostly games), allowing the transfer of heart exercises and audio messages.

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