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6 Famous app for watching hindi movies online free

If you are big fan of hindi movies, you can not miss out wonderful and amazing app for watching Hindi movies online free. You should spend time to read out the post to know more about these apps.

IMDb Movies &TV

With a huge movie store, the huge number of television shows updated daily and hourly for the purpose of serving users. IMDb Movies & TV has become the most popular movie and video watching application on smartphones today.

Key features of IMDb Movies & TV

      Support watching movies, watching TV online.
      Number of diverse channels.
      The image quality is sharp.
      Stable speed, no jerk or stall.
      Content warehouse is constantly updated, refreshed ...

Installation requirements

      Android varies by phone.
      From iOS 10.0


Zing TV is an on-demand HD movie software that helps you fully enjoy relaxing moments after a stressful and tiring day. With diverse movie genres such as: Animation, action, humor, .. Zing TV is suitable for all audiences from all ages.

Key features of Zing TV

      Fast loading speed, smooth. Suitable for both 3G networks.
      The multiscreen (Chromecast) feature will make the experience on TV better for customers.
      Sign in Zalo account management help, easy login.
      Easy to register on the program and update new version soon

Installation requirements

      Android 4.0.3 and up.
      From iOS 7.0

FPT Play

If you ask “what is the best app for watching Hindi movies online free?”, the answer is FPT Play. FPT Play - TV online possesses a huge volume of feature films, rich television programs and attractive entertainment channels in Vietnam. FPT Play interface has an intuitive design that is easy to use, fast processing speed, providing a complete entertainment experience for users.

Key features of FPT Play

      Exclusive live broadcast of the English Premier League, C1 cup, World Cup qualifier, U20 World Cup ...
      More than 100 special national and international television channels such as VTV, VTVCab, VTC, HTV, HTVC; local channels; Live Premium channel and Q.net international channel groupings.
      Over 57,000 hours of Retail Movies are constantly updated with Hollywood, European and American films, Asian, Korean, and Vietnamese movies in theaters.
      300+ Asian, Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, Indian Movies.
      TV Show brings together the Livestream programs of the hottest music and fashion shows.
      Children's programs for babies will give parents greater peace of mind in managing children's watching videos on their mobile devices.
      With Audio Stories, just close your eyes and enjoy your favorite book vividly transmitted through the "language" of sound.
      Category Anime with many of the most unique and attractive cartoons of Japan.

MyTV Net

With only one account, you can enjoy high-quality TV channels and entertainment packages such as: Drama, music, comedy clips, children, at MyTV Net. This app provides entertainment services for all ages.

MyTV Net services

      Television service: Providing more than 100 special and high-quality domestic and international channels covering all genres: film, sports, news, news, music, discovery.
      TV playback: Allow the audience to enjoy the television programs broadcast within 24 hours and rewind within 02 hours.
      Film package: Provides a huge library of movies including a variety of action movies, comedies, social psychology, cinema, Hollywood,... from classics to modern ones, belonging to different countries. any time, along with the fast forward, rewind, pause, save to favorites ...
      MyTV Entertainment Package: Provides thousands of music content, children, comedy clips... selected, updated daily.


Viki is a global TV utility contributed by fans worldwide. That is why it has a rich and diverse array of videos and movies and has been translated into 150 languages by the fan community.

Main features of Viki

      The application contains many Japanese animation, American animation with beautiful interface, watch HD video (720p).
      Download fast, free, guaranteed.
      Easy to login and use.
      The application has many interesting and interesting features that can connect Facebook, invite friends, share videos on the timeline.

VLC Media Player

In addition to processing all audio in many different formats quickly and professionally, VLC Media Player is also known as a high quality video player with functions such as stream video over the internet, record movie screen Desktop images or watch videos on Youtube, and so on.

Speacial features of VLC Media Player

      VLC 3.0 enables hardware decoding by default, to get 4K and 8K playback.
      Support 10bits and HDR.
      VLC supports 360 video and audio 3D, up to the 3rd Order of Ambisoncics.
      Support playing video, high quality audio.
      Support watching TV online.
      Play CD / DVD / Blu-ray disc formats effectively.

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