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What are The Trends in Corporate Event Planning


We all know how important it is to live a life in which we can balance our professional and personal lives. And the same thing is being noticed by a company too. For this reason, corporate events are organized so that employees can enjoy their work and workplace. Corporate events are a way to forget work-related worries and enjoy the present. There are small, micro, and large types of corporate events that are held by companies. A company can plan out a family day or performance recognition events. All these events help a lot in shaping the future of the company as they act as motivation boosters for the employees, which directly impacts their productivity. During the COVID-19 event, industries faced a lot of hurdles as there were restrictions on public gatherings. So, COVID-19 has transformed the way corporate events are organized. There are many new trends that are being followed after COVID 19.

In this article, we will understand what types of trends are going on while hosting a corporate event.

Recent Trends in Corporate Event Planning

Event trends change so quickly that it becomes hard to keep up with them. For instance, celebrating work anniversaries, milestones, and many more things invite celebrations. Earlier, it was not regarded as important to celebrate; rather, a person was being motivated by incentives. But now, besides, giving incentives for celebrating with colleagues is also considered. And these events really have a great impact on one’s mental and physical health. Let’s discuss some more new trends that are following in the corporate event planning stage.

#1. In person events are back

During COVID-19, virtual events were conducted, which evolved the corporate event organizer companies. But after COVID 19, in-person events are back, which has made it easier for corporate event planners to launch the events successfully. As the in-person events are back, there is a little digital twist to these events, and that is that the corporate event organizers have launched their own application through which attendees and guests can register themselves. According to the experts, it is believed that the apps drive more ROI. And through it, corporate event planning companies can improve themselves. Through the app, the attendees stay updated, and they have more opportunities for networking. All the options are available at your fingertips.

#2. Celebrating diversity at fullest

A workplace is always filled with diverse cultural backgrounds. And celebrating them means asking them to share their voice on certain topics, which will give them a chance to present themselves. According to the research, it is believed that events that include diversity, inclusion, and equity will be successful. Diversity at events means inviting the leaders, regardless of their gender and physical well-being. An event that includes the top voices of women transforms an ordinary environment into an extraordinary one

#3. Sustainable Practices

Sustainability is the most common practice being followed by all businesses every now and then. All the businesses are trying their best to reduce carbon emissions. And so are the corporate event planners. While planning a large or small event, all the things are managed in a way that will enhance sustainable practices. During an event, minimization of waste is to be followed, and recycling programs should be planned. Suppose the food is left after a successful event. That food should be distributed among the NGOs, which will reduce food waste. Besides, try to motivate the attendees to use reusable items and choose the digital option as much as possible. The sustainable practices will motivate the attendees to also protect the resources for future generations.

#4. Use of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is in high demand these days. After the development of Chat GPT, businesses have shifted their attention to the use of AI, as it is making everyone’s life easier. With the help of AI, attendees can book their event tickets on their own and fill out the feedback forms, which will allow the corporate event planning companies to Another advantage of AI is that it can easily help companies target their audience. This means a whole marketing strategy is planned with the help of AI, and it has the potential to do all the tasks like posting on social media, sending emails, and analyzing the data. All this helps the professional save time and focus on other important aspects of the business.

#5. Customization

An event becomes successful when it is customized according to the needs and requirements of the clients. Before you add your own choices, make sure that you have asked your clients what they want and expect from an event. For this, you can also develop a conference app in which real-time suggestions would be provided regarding an event. Before an event, targeted emails are sent to the attendees, which make sure that out of five, three will register. And also, you can ask for fun activities that will engage the attendees more.

#6. Data Analytics and Insights

With the help of data analytics, all the valuable insights from the corporate event can be gathered. Information such as attendee behaviour, engagement level, preferences, and other valid details can be gathered. Moreover, data analytics informs corporate event planning companies about their marketing strategies. And by analysing the data, the corporate event organizer can plan their other events with more improvisation. This shows how data analytics help businesses grow in a more efficient manner.

#7. Focusing at wellness

The wellness of the employee is a key to business success. During an event, planning a breakout event is a must, and besides, keeping an event that includes a smaller number of attendees is also quite good. Also, corporate event planners can plan a small trip that will strike a balance in employees lives, thus leading to their wellness. When the company focuses on the well-being of its employees, it will also improve retention and engagement rates.

What’s next ?

The future of event planning is evolving day by day. With the increase in technology, it will evolve more, and it will let the corporate event planners handle the events smoothly. Furthermore, the use of robots will come, which will replace humans joining or shaking hands at the entry of an event. This is how the technology will be replaced, slowly and gradually. Making our lives easier is the only motive of technology. The above trends will continue, as sustainable practices are also essential to follow.

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