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What Challenges to Face While Studying Abroad?

Millions of students take a flight to achieve their dreams and get an education from a reputed foreign university. For example, over 750 thousand Indian students went abroad in 2022. They have dreams to fly high and grab unparalleled opportunities for personal and academic growth. Dreaming is easy. But transforming them into reality is a big challenge.

However, those challenges are condition-based, and you have to overcome them. Through this piece of writing, the international students can, at least, stay prepared to face the problem with confidence and fix it effortlessly. So! Here comes a small guide for them.

Challenges to Study Abroad

  1. Language Barrier

The very first problem is the language. We all know that every region or country has its own language. When it comes to global-level study, one language becomes compulsory to learn. It is the English language. So, for every student who is likely to pack bags and go abroad, it’s essential to become familiar with this beautiful language. Even the visa processing authority conducts an interview before going abroad. There is also a provision to show an IELTS score, which must not be less than 6.0 or 7.0 out of 10.

How to Overcome?

The only solution is to practice. If you want to speak effectively, communicate outside the classroom, at home, or wherever you feel you can. Speak slowly while avoiding slang. Interact with peers, as it will boost your confidence level. This is a digital era that provides you with easy access to videos, movies, and podcasts by reputed English speakers. All these efforts can help you significantly enhance your spoken English.

  1. Homesickness

Homesickness is also a big problem, especially when you have to spend months or years abroad. Many reels, videos, and shorts are evidence of this fact, where the NRI students themselves accept that staying abroad is not easy.

How to Overcome?

Well, the first and foremost thing is your goal or aim, which must be above and beyond everything. But forgetting the place, your family, friends, and relatives is not that easy. So, you must be very optimistic in this regard. Make up your mindset to focus on exploring new surroundings, and try to stay engaged for maximum time and discover yourself.

  1. Climate Uncertainty

Climatic conditions can be a big struggle for those who are not adapted to the unpredictable weather of a new country. For instance, Canada remains cool for half a year. And for those who come from India, it won’t be easy to survive the strokes of extreme cold weather.

How to Overcome?

Certainly, one cannot control weather conditions. But you can prepare yourself for it. You can plan clothing essentials. Consider purchasing climate-specific dresses. Discover how to control the indoor climate. Collect all details regarding general weather patterns and get prepared for unforeseen circumstances.

  1. Feeling Like an Outsider

Nothing could be worse than feeling strange and alone among people. This feeling can arise when an individual lives in a foreign country. Sometimes, new social dynamics seem intimidating, especially when you are new to the place. In short, you may feel like an outsider in your initial days. Those days can be full of stress.

How to Overcome?

To get rid of that condition, you have to have patience. Take the initiative to become friends with native students or those from diverse backgrounds. You can also socialize by joining their groups or campus clubs. Exploring nearby places can also help you fill that vacuum.

  1. Managing Academics and Personal Responsibilities

Living abroad is not easy, especially when your money value is way lower than your native currency. If it’s more, then the math is simple. It's a plus for you. Your economic condition can become a nightmare if it’s low. But this is not enough. You have to balance your academic and personal responsibilities. The real problem is to establish that balance.

How to Overcome?

Here, you have to work on your schedule. Just sit and list down every activity that you do. Decide on a systematic routine. Set priorities and utilize some articles, like sticky notes. Use them to manage your time effectively. It will help you excel in academics and introduce discipline in life as well.

  1. New Learning Structure

Your native country may have sessions and a scoring or grading system. Countries like India have this kind of education system, which is extremely popular. When you go out, it can be different. You may have to pass the level, like A or O, which are presets.

How to Overcome?

To adapt to a new education system, you have to work on your learning methods. Adapt to self-learning practices. You may help natives in their studies through coaching, which can provide you with monetary support. Simultaneously, it can help you strengthen your educational background. Besides, seek experts’ advice on how to expect outcomes and avoid last-minute rushes if you want to achieve heights in academics.

  1. Self-Management of Financials

A shortage of funds can put you in big trouble. However, super-wealthy people don’t have to worry about funds because they have their families in the backend to financially support them. The real trouble is for those who don’t have such a strong background and financial assistance. So, you cannot skip this aspect.

How to Overcome?

It’s been crucial to manage your funds meticulously. You should discover inflows and outflows for the entire month. Plan how to control your expenditures. This can be done by discussing the budget with your parents. Choose affordable living options and look for discounts available for students. This can help you to manage funds.

  1. Finding Accommodations

Finding a place to live is again not easy when you are abroad. For those who are planning to study at a foreign university, think about hostels. Remember, there are multiple fraudsters who look for people to trap and make some money out of it. Moreover, misleading ads are everywhere that never let you think that it’s a trap.

How to Overcome?

To overcome this problem, emphasize research thoroughly. Look out for trustworthy sources of accommodation. Meticulously research, and always try to go for early registration so that you can book accommodation at the school. Rest, take assistance from education consultants to navigate this problem.

  1. Fighting Psychological Instabilities

This is something connected to your mind and emotions. Being alone can lead to anxiety or depression. These psychological disorders won’t show you any symptoms, but you actually suffer.

How to Overcome?

In order to overcome these psychological problems, you must think about how to prioritize a healthy lifestyle. Invest at least half an hour in exercise. This practice will help you stay fit and fine. You can also go for counseling. But nothing can be more beneficial than socializing and remaining engaged.

  1. Safety

Safety is a priority. You cannot compromise with it. Here, considering only personal safety is not a good idea. It’s way beyond that, like in everything.

How to Overcome?

You’re safe if you learn the local language, because nobody can ever make you fool in a foreign country. Proactively controlling your expenses can make you economically safe. You won’t have to worry about how to generate income and meet expenses. Researching and preparing as per your surroundings can make you safe because you will have emergency contacts to ensure your personal safety.


Going abroad to study and grabbing opportunities is an attractive alternative that hooks students. But many of them do not pay attention to the challenges that they may suffer. These can be associated with language, homesickness, social isolation, academic lags, financial instability, and more.

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