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How Do You Get Rid of Dark Circles?

Dark circles represent the darker-toned surface under your eyes. That area looks slightly depressed, and sometimes these circles can be recognized as blue, purple, brown, or black patches under your eyes. Simply put, they look darker than your natural skin tone.

This skin condition is considered worse because the individual who has it may look older than his or her age. Typically, there are multiple possible causes that can end up in dark circles. However, they do not usually represent any medical condition, but they are a big concern from the perspective of beauty. So, every individual who has it may think of having even skin tone under their eyes for cosmetic reasons.

Who Do Have Dark Circles?

An individual of any age group can have dark circles. It can be a girl, a woman, or an elderly man. What it means is that this skin condition can happen to people of all ages and sexes. Like other skin conditions, this problem has levels too. It’s also true that a specific group of people can be its sufferers; for example,

  • Elderly people
  • Dark-skinned people
  • Individuals with a family history of dark circles under their eyes

Reasons or Causes of Dark Circles

Multiple factors can be responsible for dark circles. The first and foremost reason is aging. As you age, your skin becomes thinner, especially under your eyes. It starts losing its volume to such an extent that the blood vessels in that area start visualizing. This can also be a reason for the darkening of that area. Aging may also cause a tear trough to develop, which appears shadowy. It causes puffy eyes.

Some more reasons are behind their emergence. These can be:

  • Genetics, which can be an outcome of your family history,.
  • Dermatitis, including eczema, can dilate blood vessels under your eyes.
  • Rubbing your eyes can leave your eyes swollen and your blood vessels broken.
  • Inadequate sleep can be a poor habit that makes you look pale. And the blood vessels can appear through the skin.
  • Hyperpigmentation can happen because of excessive exposure to the sun, which triggers the production of more melanin (which is the color of your skin).
  • Dehydration is a condition wherein your skin looks thirsty and dull due to a lack of water.
  • Lifestyle changes, like stress, excessive alcohol, inadequate sleep, and smoking, can also leave the undereye area darker.

Home Remedies

If you are finding the answer to what to do at home to treat dark circles under your eyes, there are multiple things to try. These can be the following: But you should remember that these are just temporary solutions and may make little improvement.

  1. Adequate sleep: Take a nap of at least seven hours each night.
  2. Use more pillows: Keep your head slightly up using a soft pillow so that the fluid won’t collect there when you rest. This is how you can beat puffiness.
  3. Cold compress: You can use a spoon, which should be put in the freezer. Just put it on your puffy eyes so that their swelling can be reduced and dark circles can be treated.
  4. Use cucumbers: You can put two round slices of cucumber on your eyes, which soothe them by providing vitamin C and moisture. This remedy can also reduce puffiness.
  5. Teabags for blood circulation: You can put the used tea bags on your tired undereye area. This bag contains caffeine and antioxidants, which increase blood circulation.
  6. Facial Massage: Facials are like massages that help your facial muscles get stronger and allow blood to flow seamlessly.
  7. Makeup: This is a temporary solution that requires under-eye concealer and foundation to cover the dark patches under both eyes.

Non-Invasive Treatments to Permanently Remove Dark Circles

Well, aesthetic science is making a difference in the beauty of hundreds of patients. You can also try it if you have very pronounced dark circles. First, just do some research and find a certified skin and beauty practitioner. Consult with him or her, and whatever comes to your mind related to the treatment or care, you can find answers.

Majorly, there are not just one but multiple non-invasive treatments that are available to treat dark circles.

  1. Chemical peel: It can be helpful to address dark undereye areas. This is basically helpful in triggering cell turnover. So, a medical-grade chemical solution is applied with precision. It causes controlled exfoliation, and over a few days, the outer layer starts peeling off. This process stimulates collagen and elastin, which naturally addresses dark circles. Actually, the peeling solution targets pigmented skin and also reduces melanin concentration. This rejuvenation improves skin tone. Besides, the medical-grade peels improve blood circulation, which spontaneously regulates the process of cell turnover. This is how dark patches fade away over subsequent weeks, which transforms its texture into a brighter one and makes its complexion more even.
  2. Topical creams and bleaching agents: You can use vitamin C and bleaching agents, such as hydroquinone, to lighten up dark areas of your eyes.
  3. Laser treatment: It can effectively reduce this skin condition by stimulating collagen production, an essential skin protein. Its adequate production boosts skin elasticity and adds volume, which reduces the visibility of blood vessels. The laser energy is actually focused on the pigmented area so that the melanin can be broken down. Also, it reduces fluid retention, which does not leave the eyes puffy. They look refreshed and revitalized.


4.     Dermal fillers: these are injectables that contain hyaluronic acid, which is popular for its water retention quality. Our body itself produces it, but unfortunately, its production goes down as we age. So, dermal fillers address volume loss and increase elasticity. When strategically injected, these injectables plump the depressed undereye area, which significantly reduces hollowness and shadowy eyes. Besides, the penetration of fillers helps the skin boost collagen, which further improves its texture. This is how we can get rid of dark undereye problems and sunken skin.

5.     Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections: PRP, or platelet-rich plasma therapy, can also show great results in this condition. It improves the skin’s regenerative power. For this procedure, a small amount of blood is drawn, centrifuged, and the separated platelets are injected so that the production of an essential protein called collagen can be increased. As it happens, tissues start regenerating over time. This reduces pigmentation and makes the undereye area shine.


How do I prevent dark circles under the eyes?

Dark circles may not always be preventive. But there are some changes in your lifestyle that can help you reduce the chances of having a dark undereye area.

·       You should always apply sunscreen to your face, covering your eyes and lids. Try to cover them with sunglasses.

·       Take adequate sleep of at least 6–8 hours every day. Go to bed on time.

·       Stay away from stress and manage a healthy lifestyle. Care for yourself.

·       Avoid alcohol, as its excessive intake can reduce your blood circulation.

·       Do not smoke because it can speed up the aging process.


Having dark eye circles is a big concern. It can also be a sign of aging. Lack of sleep and other concerns that are shared above can prevent puffed eyes. If you have PRP, laser treatment, dermal fillers, and chemical peels can also help in overcoming this skin condition.

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