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What Can Be Done to Fix Netgear Orbi Keeps Rebooting Issue?

Orbi Keeps Rebooting

The Netgear Orbi keeps rebooting issue is one of the topmost issues faced by people who own Orbi routers. Is has been stopping them from making their way to the official login page of the device, known as the Orbi router login window. They have tried everything that could have fixed it, but every effort went in vain. In case you are also not able to enjoy accessing the internet because of the same issue with your device, then it is recommended that walk through the solutions presented in this article.

[Fixed] Netgear Orbi Keeps Rebooting Issue

[1st Solution] Give the Orbi a Fresh Start

The number one reason why you are losing your mind because of the Orbi keeps rebooting issue is because of hiccups. To get rid of them, you just need to restart your device. To go about the reason, you need to turn the device off and on. Avoid missing waiting amidst this. Once you are done restarting your device, check if you are able to resolve the Orbi keeps rebooting issue. In case not, then continue reading.

[2nd Solution] Change the Connection Source

Assuming that you are reading this tip, it can only mean one thing, i.e. the Orbi keeps rebooting issue is still not letting you take full advantage of your device. To troubleshoot it, check the source of connection which you have used to join the devices. In case, it is wireless, it is recommended that you change it right away it is not reliable. Instead, use a wired source to join them properly.

[3rd Solution] Check the Ethernet in Use

Sometimes, even using a cable to connect the devices can prove to be fatal for the device as there is something wrong with it. To take care of the problem, you need to make sure that the cable is not damaged. In case, it is, you should replace the old cable with a new one and see to it that the new connection is finger-tight. Leaving the connection lose will only cause more issues for you in the future. 

[4th Solution] Get Rid of Signal Interference 

Bluetooth speakers, microwave ovens, refrigerators, treadmills, refrigerators, and other similar electronic devices and transmitting appliances that are not good for the health of your networking device as it can mess with its signals and contribute similar issues to Orbi keeps rebooting issue. Therefore, change the location of your networking device and keep it away from all such things. 

[5th Solution] Check the Electrical Socket

Is the wall socket to which your router is connected damaged? Well then, you have just found yet another reason why you are reading this article. To troubleshoot it, it is recommended that plug your device into another socket. Make sure that it is located in the same room where the router is kept. We hope that at least this hack will help you to fix the issue. In case it does not, then you know what to do.

 [6th Solution] Reset the Netgear Orbi Router

Did none of the aforementioned tips help you to resolve the issue that you have been facing? Well then, you are left with no other option than to reset your device. After you are done resetting it, it is recommended that you set it up using the Orbi app. In case, you face the Netgear Orbi app not working issue while trying to do so, then use the manual method to set up your device.

At Last

Here ends the article discussing the tips through which Netgear Orbi keeps rebooting issue can be fixed. In case you were able to resolve it, then do not forget to share your feedback with your fellow readers. You can do so by utilizing the comment section. Also, if you have any other troubleshooting hack through which the same issue can be troubleshot, then share that as well with them.

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