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How to Fix Linksys Extender Firmware Update Failure?

Plenty of users struggle with issues while getting their Linksys extender updated with the latest firmware version. Are you one among them? The hacks given in this post will help you out with this. We have penned down a list of troubleshooting tips to resolve the problem. You may not need to try all the hacks. Maybe just by trying the first hack from the list you will be able to update the firmware by accessing login page. So give these tips a shot without any doubts.

Linksys Extender Firmware Update Failed: Resolved

Reasons for the Problem

We will first discuss the reasons for this issue. This will help you understand the situation better. Here are some most common causes why a firmware update does not happen on your Linksys extender:

1. You are trying to install the wrong firmware file on your extender.

2. The internet connection is poor or unstable.

3. There are fluctuations in the power supply.

4. An outdated web browser is used to complete the firmware upgrade process.

5. You interrupted the process in between.

6. A wrong process is followed to carry out firmware update.

Quick Solutions

It is now time you fix the problem so that you can go ahead and update your extender.

1. Fix Internet Connection

You should make sure that the internet connection to the PC is stable. Hence, you need to verify the connection between the Linksys wireless range extender and the host router. If it is an Ethernet connection then see to it that the connection is nowhere near loose. Plus the right ports must be used and the used cable should not be worn out. Make the required changes to ensure a stable connection so that the internet is stable.

2. Ensure an Optimum Power Supply to the Devices

Check the power cables of the extender, router as well as the computer that you are using to update the firmware. Also, examine the power socket into which these cables are plugged. Neither the cables nor the sockets should be damaged. Moreover, if there is an issue of a power outage, then you can use a UPS.

3. Download the Correct Firmware File

There is a chance that you have downloaded the wrong firmware file and are trying to install it on your extender. FYI, there are different firmware files for different extender models. You should be vigilant while you are looking for the firmware update file for your extender model. Be certain that the file that you download is meant for the Linksys wireless extender model that you are the owner of.

4. Update the Web Browser

When you log in to your extender to update the firmware, make sure that you are using an updated internet browser. Also, make it free from cache and cookies before you begin the firmware installation process.

5. Refrain from Disturbing the Update

When you are installing the firmware on your Linksys extender, you should not do any other activity online. Do not play games or open a new tab on the browser. Simply remain on the same tab till the firmware gets updated. Also, if the process is taking too long then wait patiently. Do not turn off the extender. This can interrupt the firmware update which is harmful for your extender.

FYI, the similar troubleshooting hacks can be used if you are facing issues in updating the firmware on your Linksys router using myrouter.local.

Wrap Up

This way you can fix the issue that you are struggling with right now. As soon as the firmware gets updated, you will notice an enhancement in the performance of your extender. Be sure that you keep all these points in mind while upgrading the firmware on your Linksys wireless range extender from now onward to avoid issues. 

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