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How do you write a thesis?

Do you need to know how to do a thesis correctly? Don't understand where to start? Don't worry or stress anymore. Well, in this article, we present a guide with all the information you should know about it.

What sections do you need to prepare your thesis?

One of the keys to how to write a thesis is to know, first, all the parts it contains. In this way, you will be able to assemble the skeleton of your work and develop each one of them.

Sometimes some of these sections vary from one university to another. So that there is no confusion, consult the academic guide of yours so that you do not miss the required information.

So, once this clarification has been made, the parts you need to write your thesis are:

Front page

This is the first page of your work. Here you have to include the title, the author's name and all the necessary data from the university or institution you attend.


It is not mandatory. But this part is one of the most personal and subjective that was obtained. You can write a few paragraphs dedicated to all the people, professors, colleagues who helped or inspired you in the process of preparing your thesis.


In it you will condense the most important part of the research work. It should be short and concise, since one of its most important functions is to locate the reader. Here you must record the objectives, what is the chosen approach and the results you arrived at.


It refers to a set of important words that condense the content of your thesis. They are often used to classify research and orient the reader more quickly. In some cases, then you have to add them (keywords).

Table of contents

The index is key for you to offer, to any reader, the general and organized structure of the content of your thesis. In this way, you will present each of the different sections in an organized manner.

It does not usually occupy more than two pages in length. But, above all, the important thing is that you do not forget any part, since it will be the map of what you will develop later.

Index of figures and tables

One of the keys to preparing your thesis is to prepare a complete and panoramic index on the graphic elements. This part is usually included to offer a list of all the figures and tables that you have included throughout your work.

It is important that, both in this part and in the development, they are numbered and, if possible, with a title that identifies them. Thus, it will be easier to locate the reader.

Introduction: the beginning of how to write a thesis

The introduction is one of the inevitable sections. It presents the theme of the project, why you chose it and how you approached it.

You want it to be brief and precise, since you must incorporate all the relevant information to invite and persuade the reader to continue reading.

It is important to know that this part can be outlined at the beginning of your work. However, it is most likely that at the end of the writing you should reread and edit it. Why? Precisely because only at the end of the journey will you have a complete vision of the most important elements to incorporate.


This section clearly states the purpose of your research. That is, it is about presenting what you intend to solve or the goals to which you aspire with your work. This section cannot be missing to do a thesis.

In general terms, they are written from infinitive verbs that specify the action to be carried out. For example: "describe", "define", "analyze", "interpret", among others.

In turn, the objectives are divided into two large groups:

General objective

This is about the broader purpose of your research. Therefore, you will mention the area of ​​study where your subject falls and the problem that you will try to solve.

Specific objectives

In this case, they are those that are inserted within the more general objective. They can be one or several. But, fundamentally, they must identify specific sub-objectives that will guide the following stages.

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