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5 types of readers inside a bookstore

Not everyone has the ability to write, but they do have the ability to read. The story is built by the people who master the pen, the others become spectators. If we read, it is because we have an enormous desire to discover sublime landscapes that are not ridiculous, as they exist outside of books. That is why the desire to leaf through a few pages from time to time is due.

Slowly or like a whirlwind; continuously or by time, reading is present throughout existence and it is better to satisfy it than from there the dreams that motivate the acts are born.

Already speaking of the readers, this is the attempt to describe the different types of reader that there are. We all read, but we do it in different ways, as dictated by our personality and character. If we figure out why we read like this, we could use this description as a way of knowing ourselves. Perhaps reading like a book-eating maniac shows just who we are; perhaps the people who procrastinate their reading into oblivion are just as insipid in their daily lives.

Here is an attempt at classification:

Mandatory reader

He is generally a student or office worker who only reads a couple of books a year. He does it because work or school demands it of him, although in reality he has no genuine interest in knowing. He reads the texts in his spare time, which are very short but constant. She's at the bottom of the reading scale because once an authority figure stops asking for readings, she never picks up a book again.

Recommended reader

It can also be called the "disoriented reader." These people release their instinct for reading, they need to leaf through a book continuously, however, they still do not open their eyes and choose texts that should be in a trash can. His bookshelf is full of empty recommendations from his friends on the lower scales. Its genre is the best-seller.

Compulsive reader

Love reading. Every time he visits the bookstores he buys a copy despite having five books pending. He takes pleasure in looking for new books, dreaming that one day he will read them all. His library is getting bigger and more complex, being a reflection of his mind, because if there is someone who can reflect on life, it is him.

Critical reader

He is a picky reader, no argument completely satisfies him. He looks for specific books, the little jewels in the bookstore, fleeing from the common materials that he despises so much. His critique is deconstructive, that is, he is not satisfied with making generic observations, but analyzes the argument from a cold and calculating perspective. He is a constant, responsible and devoted reader

Backward reader

He wants to read a lot of the stories. He buys the books and when he gets home he places them on the furniture. Days go by and he finally decides to grab the first copy. His reading is slow because he has a lot of obligations in daily life. In the end he ends up falling behind in his readings and he only has to dream that one day he will complete them.

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