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Maturity stage: 5 tips to improve health

With the arrival of maturity new challenges are presented and what better time to start facing them than now. This stage allows you to focus more on yourself, strengthen your ties with your family and friends, and even do those activities that you couldn't before because you were busy with work or with the children.

Maturity presents new challenges, but there is nothing to worry about, because at this age you have the necessary tools to achieve any goal you set for yourself. This stage focuses more on the person and on the wishes that have not yet been fulfilled, it is the right time to take care of you more than ever and thus look radiant every day.

The following tips will not only help you with your health, they will also make you feel happier, and you can face each day with more energy. Now you will be able to do all those activities that you did not do before or that you had to put aside for other responsibilities. So take note and get ready to start each day with the best spirit.

Eat and hydrate properly

Eating healthy is essential in this new stage of your life. The body needs more than ever the necessary nutrients to function properly. In addition, you begin to lose bone density, so it is necessary to increase your calcium and vitamin D levels. Increasing your consumption of spinach, sesame seeds, and oily fish will help you find other sources of calcium. In the same way, you can expose yourself to the sun to increase your vitamin D levels. Outdoor walks will surely put you in a good mood.

Do not forget to hydrate yourself, it is important to drink 7 to 8 glasses of water a day, this will allow you to eliminate toxins in an optimal way. If you don't like water much, you can make broths or teas and drink them whenever you like.

Take care of your social ties

We are in the era of social networks, and sometimes, despite having thousands of friends who follow us, we can feel very alone. For this reason, it is very important to take care of the ties that you have with family and friends and even those that have been formed in the community. Relationships are of great importance for health, as they make us happier, and also allow us to stay active, talk and have fun.

Keep your mind in constant exercise

To protect your brain you need to exercise it constantly. You can read, meditate, do logic exercises, travel, or even study. The more your mind exercises, your memory and your learning capacity will strengthen and, consequently, you will move away from cognitive deterioration.

This is not the time to become sedentary

Now you must take care of your muscles, joints and bones more than ever, which is why it is important that you start exercising at least three times a week. A walk in a park, yoga, aerobics classes or even going to the gym will allow you to improve bone strength, increase concentration, regulate blood pressure, prevent osteoporosis and is also an excellent opportunity to meet new people.

When you exercise, endorphins are released, which minimize mood swings and hot flashes caused by menopause. In addition, the production of collagen is stimulated, which will allow you to maintain healthy joints and skin.

Make sure you rest when you sleep

In maturity it is very important to sleep 7 to 8 hours a day. You must turn your bedroom into a cozy place with a temperature no higher than 22ยบ, it is also important that you turn off all electronic equipment preferably two hours before going to sleep, thus avoiding exposure to blue light that affects the production of melatonin. Also remember to turn off all the lights and close the curtains to keep the light from the street out, this should be your moment of rest. If you have trouble falling asleep, you can support yourself with relaxing teas, or take a hot bath.

Health insurance coverage for those over 60 years of age

Some insurers do not renew the policy when a certain age is reached, automatically canceling it. The age can vary: some cancel it at 60 or 65, and some can go up to 75.

That is why it is very important to take this into account when choosing health insurance; because if when you are young you choose a cheap company (which are the ones that usually stop renewals sooner or increase the premium more with age) and then you decide to switch to another one that extends your renewal more, even if you do not lose seniority, if you have a pre-existing illness you will not get insurance.

On the other hand, after the age of 60, the insured finds that some coverage disappears. In some cases, the company may refuse to renew the policy. This may seem cruel and unfair at first glance, but something similar happens with life insurance. After all, the risk increases with age.

One of the coverages that can disappear is hospitalization, including only the medical chart. In addition, the medical chart is likely to only be offered with a copay.

A separate issue is the issue of price. If the insurer agrees to renew the policy, the price may increase over the years, and the co-payment rates may also increase.

Specific health insurance for the elderly

Some insurers have designed specific health policies for people over 60 years of age. This type of policy can be very interesting for people who do not renew their health insurance or want to hire one for the first time.

Health insurance for the elderly is more expensive, obviously. However, they offer a very interesting feature: the medical chart usually includes the supervision of a geriatric specialist. In terms of coverage, these insurances usually include access to the most relevant specialties for the elderly, as well as diagnostic tests and surgery. In addition, they also usually include hospitalization among the coverages, which is subject to copayment and includes a grace period.

The maximum contracting age for these health insurance for the elderly is usually 80 years, although there are policies up to 85 and even some without an age limit. But keep in mind that after the age of 70 certain coverage may be excluded or reduced and that from a certain age (depending on the policy) it may be difficult or even impossible to find health insurance for the elderly.

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