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7 websites to solve all your programming questions

When we learn to code or develop software, websites or apps, we usually have programming questions, we get stuck with a problem or a bug that refuses to be solved no matter what you do.

In cases like this, programmers like you may need answers to programming questions related to various languages, development platforms, tools, APIs, and services. Where can you find the solutions you need to your programming questions?

I had the same thought and after doing all the legwork, here are the top 7 communities full of brilliant people who may have the answers you're looking for or tips that may be helpful in helping you find the solution to your programming questions.

Websites to solve all your programming questions

1. Stack Overflow

StackOverflow has a community of over 100 million users who are serious about honing their programming skills. One can quickly ask questions (after registering) on ​​this site, or answer questions asked by others, even as a guest.

It hosts questions across numerous programming languages, platforms, and services, chief among them being JavaScript, Java, C#, PHP, Android, jQuery, python, and HTML.

Its upvoting system helps people get quick answers after posting a question, and strict moderation ensures that people get direct answers or mentions of places (links) to find them on the Internet, a web to solve all your questions programming.

2. Quora

Quora hosts informational content created and shared by its users. Although it covers a wide variety of topics and most of the answers you'll find here are expert opinions, it proves to be a valuable resource for programming and software development information.

After signing up, you can ask questions by clicking Ask Question and answer questions by clicking the Write button on the top bar.

There is no list of categories or topics that you can ask or answer, so it is best to do a search on Quora to find the required information. Some of the supported themes that you can find here include Java, C++, Android, Python, Ruby, HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

There is an upvote system where you can award or get points based on the quality and relevance of the answer, and you can also see the statistics of your answers.

3. Reddit

For a serious programmer who values ​​useful information, Reddit has long been one of the best places to visit.

It has several communities that hold discussions about particular interests and topics, including programming languages, computers, the Internet, and more. One can easily post a link or submit a question after registering on the site.

The programming subreddit is for discussions about coding and development. You can consult:

     C++ for discussions and news about C++ or C++ programming.

     GameDev, a haven for aspiring gamers and active game developers, where they discuss game engines, programming issues.

 AndroidDev , a popular community hosting news, tutorials, and other useful information on Android app development, and more.

4. StackExchange

StackExchange hosts Q&A communities where people can ask and answer questions. Experts vote on posts and make sure helpful answers are easier to find. You need to get an account to start looking for answers or to answer a question.

Its 149 communities include:

     Programmers – Where professional programmers can bounce concepts about software development.

     Programming Puzzles – Where people play, solve, and program puzzles.

     Superuser – A discussion group for advanced PC users.

     Web Applications – For users and developers of websites.

     Game Development – ​​Where indie game developers can ask programming questions.

     Ask Ubuntu - A group of Ubuntu beginners and superusers, and more.

5. CodeProject

CodeProject provides developers with useful news, information, and source code. It has general discussion forums for software developers to share their thoughts with like-minded community users, as well as a Quick Answers section for asking questions and receiving specific technical support.

Signing up allows you to ask questions, post to discussion forums, and receive weekly updates.

With a community of over 11 million users, its general programming forums are categorized using tags based on programming languages, development platforms, and web services. Some of the most popular topics covered are .NET, C#, C++, Java, Android, SQL, and Web.

The site also has a constantly growing base of articles and discussions, attracting contributions from developers around the world.

6. Google Groups

Google Groups, a Google service, is a place to create communities where people with common interests can come together, engage in discussion, and find help with problems.

A good platform to solve all your programming questions.

Google Groups allows you to create or join a Q&A forum and interact with other like-minded people. To get started, sign in with Google, find the right group, join, and start asking or answering questions.

Q&A groups allow members to ask questions and answer other members' questions, just like StackOverflow and others.

The groups are divided into categories and regions with subcategories, for example, computers have several subcategories such as artificial intelligence, databases, games, graphics, Internet, operating systems, programming, security, software, etc.

Each category has several member-created groups – browse or search to find the best one for your requirements.

7. CodeRanch

CodeRanch, a discussion forum for programmers, is a great place for beginners to learn the basics of Java, Android, and iOS programming, and post questions about things they need help with.  

Subforums on databases, computer engineering, and other languages, including C/C++, Ruby, python, and PHP, are also available. You can easily register , join a subforum , ask questions and answer unanswered questions .

The site even hosts other subforums, which discuss races, products, frameworks, and more. Meaningless Drivel is for users who are just there to talk, Blatant Advertising is for people looking for exposure, and coding puzzles and fun challenges are discussed in Programming Diversions.

With over 280,000 registered users, this vital community has the potential to help developers overcome a problem.

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