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It's Time To Optimize Your Entertainment with these tips!


We all are hooked on watching epic fantasy shows or rewatching our favorite old sitcoms like "Friends" or "Seinfeld." We are sure you must have spent your last weekend binge-watching your go-to show!

From watching movies to your child taking their classes online, our TV is one of the most versatile gadgets we own. But what if there are ways to enhance your already good experience? Would you be interested?

Using technology, there are many ways to turn your living room into your very own movie theater! We will discuss how you can add smart devices and surround sound installation to turn your house into a personal mini theater.

Check your TV settings

The first step is to check whether your TV settings are apt or not. Some of the basic parameters for the best-quality picture are brightness, contrast, color, and sharpness. Also, they depend on the light and size of your room.

If the backlight is too high, it will strain your eyes, and if your contrast is too low, it might flatten your scene. The small details that work in your favor can be to ensure there are no light fixtures on the wall the TV is mounted, as the light will reflect off the mirror screen, and your television screen won't be clear.

It would be best if you made sure the devices connected to the TV should be via cables/wires. Wireless connections can lag and compromise the picture quality. Now let's talk about what gadgets can enhance your screen time.

Gadgets that will give you the best TV experience!

1. Smart lights

With everything going smart, so should your lights! You can easily change the color and intensity of the lights. The smart lighting can be controlled through your phone.

Now you can match the lighting to the movie/show you are watching. Isn't it a cool way to enhance the TV viewing experience? You and your kids will love this! Romantic, horror, or action, create the vibe you need, all in the palms of your hand.

2. Projector

Now you can watch your content in style. With smart projectors, you can enjoy your favorite type of content on a larger screen with the best quality.

This gadget will project high-definition images from your laptop or any external device. The projector projects the image directly on the wall transforming your room into a theatre. You can be working on a presentation or just casually watching a movie with the family.

3. Surround sound system

If you have the budget to choose only one thing from this list, then we suggest you choose surround speakers. The sound makes you feel surrounded by any content you are watching. It is the best way to add an extra element of oomph to your viewing experience.

A simple surround sound installation can transform any dull room into a world-class entertainment space. This can be a great add-on to any living room.

The smart speakers are available in all shapes and sizes, even styles. Just plug them into your TV or laptop and immerse yourself in sound.

4. Smart sofa

What's better than comfort? The answer is nothing! Imagine yourself reclining in the most comfortable sofa equipped with Bluetooth speakers and USB charging ports. They are too good to be true.

They are extraordinary and make it possible for you and your family to have the best experience. These pieces can also be great for lounging on a cozy evening with friends.

5. Popcorn maker

What better to go along with your movie than a bucket of buttery popcorn? Getting a popcorn maker for your house will ensure the perfect theater-like experience minus the concern of unhygienic practices.

You can now enjoy crunchy and piping-hot popcorn with the press of a button. Just add the necessary ingredients, and voila, you have your snack.

6. Media streamer

If you are worried that your TV isn't smart enough, fret not. There are devices like Amazon Fire, Roku, or Apple TV that can turn your old fashion TV into the latest smart device at home.

The only thing to take care of is you will have to pick the best media streaming device that suits your requirement and budget.

It is possible now to watch all your favorite programs on demand without waiting for the channel to play them. These devices can be plugged into your TV, and you are good to go.

7. Smart Speaker

Having a smart speaker in your TV room can be of great help; you can now order snacks or drinks without getting up from your chair. This is one of the ways that smart speakers can add convenience to your lifestyle.

You can control your smart lights, blinds, or any other smart device with just a voice command. These smart speakers will respond to all your voice commands and add to your viewing experience.

8. Smart remote

If you are tired of getting up whenever you wish to switch channels or adjust the volume, then a smart remote is the way to go. With this advanced gadget, you will be able to control everything with just one click.

You can also invest in a smart universal remote to make your life easy. It can help you control all the devices connected to your television and mobile phone all in one place.

9. Smart Blinds

If you live in a well-lit neighborhood with light entering your house, smart blinds can help you enjoy TV with your family without any distractions.

The smart blind will block out any light or prying eyes from outside. When it is up and running, nobody can look into your home.

It is also a smart addition to ensure that you and your family are safe from wandering eyes. There is nothing better than enjoying your show with privacy and comfort.

10. A mini fridge

You can make your living room even better by adding a mini fridge. Keep your beer, choice, or cold drink handy in your smart mini fridge. It will be the perfect pair for your TV series or movie.

This appliance is small, just like your good old bar fridge. It will fit right into your décor and help you stay refreshed throughout your viewing experience.

To wrap up,

TV is a vital component of our life now; you can have add-ons to make it a more amazing experience. You don't need to buy all the gadgets mentioned above. You can install a good surround sound combined with a few gadgets and enhance your movie experience at home.

If you are looking forward to a surround sound installation, check out Hawkeye Security. They provide custom audio/video electronics that can enhance your entertainment experience.

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