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Free Steps to Convert PDF to Excel on Mac

A PDF file can be easily created from other files such as Word, Excel, and so on, but converting a PDF file into an Excel file format can be a difficult process. There are many ways available on the internet for converting PDF files to Excel file format. In this blog, we will talk about the best of the two approaches that are reliable and easily convert PDF to Excel on Mac.

The Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format that is mostly used for viewing rather than editing data. However, if you are working with PDF files that contain charts and numbers, it is better to change PDF to Excel to edit them easily. Excel files help to keep information in the most basic form possible while also allowing you to easily arrange, calculate, and sort data. Before we move on, let’s talk about some of the advantages of converting PDF files into Excel file format.

Benefits of Exporting PDF to Excel

Converting PDF to Excel can benefit users in many ways, especially in a work environment that deals with numbers and figures. Here, we’ll discuss a few of those benefits.


      It makes the data analysis easier and more reliable.

      The Flash Fill feature of Excel helps to automatically fill in the cells when required.

      It helps to scrutinize the data in tabular format.

      Spreadsheets help to easily visualize data with charts.


These are the major factors that provoke users to import PDF files into Excel spreadsheets. Let’s talk about the different approaches through which users can easily transfer PDF data to Excel sheets.

How to Convert PDF to Excel without losing formatting?

There are two methods available for Mac devices to manually transfer PDF files to an Excel spreadsheet. We will elaborate on the steps of both methods in detail below.

#Method 1: Using the Preview App

The Preview app on the Mac can perform major tasks on PDF files like merging/splitting easily. However, to convert PDF to Excel, you have to copy and paste the content from PDF to Excel file format. Follow the below steps to import the PDF file into an Excel spreadsheet.


      Open the PDF file using the Preview App.

      Choose the required PDF data and select Copy.

      Open a blank excel sheet and paste the data into the file, then tap Save.

      Now you have successfully imported a PDF file into an Excel spreadsheet.


Note: There might be a chance of alteration in text and numbers formatting.

#Method 2: Using the Automater

The Automator helps to create a workflow for multi-task from various applications and documents. Follow the below-mentioned steps to change PDF to Excel using an Automator.


      Go to Finder and navigate to Applications.

      Now, run the Automator and select Workflow and click on Choose.

      From the left side column, select File and Folders, then Ask for Finder Items on the right column.

      Choose PDFs from the left-side column and select Extract PDF Text from the right side.

      First, press Command + S, then select the file format as Applications.

      Open the Automator file, then click Run to save the PDF file in Text format.

      Now, copy and paste the extracted texts into an Excel sheet on Mac.


The manual method mentioned above allows users to easily export PDF to Excel. However, these manual approaches are difficult to execute and have some drawbacks. Let's talk about these limitations in brief.

Drawbacks of the Manual Method

The manual methods for converting PDF to Excel are not recommended because they do not provide accurate results. Let's talk about a few of the other drawbacks below.


      Converting multiple PDF files to Excel is very time-consuming as users have to perform the steps again and again.

      Missing a single step can force you to repeat the steps again.

      Data originality might be compromised.

      Users can face issues in converting password-protected PDF files.

      There is a chance of alignment errors while transferring PDF data to an Excel sheet manually.


To avoid such limitations, many users prefer to use a professional approach that allows them to perform the conversion in a simple and hassle-free manner.

#Method 3: Using Mac PDF Converter

If you are having trouble performing the manual method to convert PDF to Excel, you can go for this approach. MacSonik PDF converter tool for Mac is an advanced and risk-free method for converting PDF to Excel on Mac OS. This method has many advanced features that make it a go-to solution. Some of the benefits of a professional approach are listed below.


      Using this method, users can import PDF Files into Excel Spreadsheets in bulk.

      It provides a safe and secure conversion without altering the data.

      Users can save the attachments separately while using this method.

      It also allows the conversion of PDF files to various different file formats.

      PDF files converted to Excel using an automated method are less time-consuming and provide accurate results.


In this blog, we have discussed various approaches to convert PDF to Excel files on Mac. We've also mentioned the benefits of converting PDF data to Excel spreadsheets. Furthermore, we have discussed how a professional method can be more beneficial in transferring PDF files into Excel. It maintains the original data hierarchy and accuracy throughout the conversion process.

Ankit Roy is a professional Technical Content Developer and Analyst. He has great knowledge about Email Backup, Cloud Migration, File Conversions & Data Recovery for Mac. He developed his skills in technical content writing throughout his undergraduate days. Ankit Roy additionally developed his skill in Google Analytics, Keyword research, and Webmaster tool.

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