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Consistency on Instagram

Do you feel that even though you are trying hard, your Instagram account is standing still? That you are losing customers who just enter and exit your account? That you love your Instagram collaborations, although smaller accounts have lots of them? Perhaps this is because your Instagram is inconsistent, chaotic, and cluttered.

I have one quick question for you – what does the person who enters your profile see for the first time? A sequence of 6-9 photos, which is the effect of your last activity on Instagram. It is at this point that she usually makes a decision whether or not she will be watching you. Whether or not her first impressions impress her depends on whether she clicks “follow”. That is why it is worth ensuring consistency on Instagram.

How do we behave on Instagram?

Think – you act exactly the same. You go in, you look and you make a decision – do I stay or not?

When a new person joins your Instagram account, the decision as to whether they will stay with you longer and click “follow” is made in just a few seconds.

When a potential customer visits your Instagram account, they instantly see if your listing is for them or not.

When an agency employee visits your Instagram account, he or she quickly decides whether to send you a cooperation proposal or not.

These are the seconds that can decide whether you are growing or selling, and whether you have Instagram collaborations.

Therefore, what your account makes at first glance really matters.

A means to an end

You might be surprised, but an aesthetic Instagram account is not an end in itself. This is just a measure to an end to help you impress your marketing agency employees, attract the attention of potential customers, and keep people coming to your Instagram account for longer for Consistency on Instagram.

And now I have a question for you – what does your Instagram account say about you today?

What kind of business card does it issue to you?

Now, I would like to propose you a simple exercise. But it’s really simple.

Go to your Instagram account …

And now imagine this isn’t your account at all. That you are here for the first time in your life.

What you see? How would you describe your account?

Do you like what you see?

Does it attract you?

Would you click “watch”?

Would you go to the link in BIO to find out more?

How is your impression? Do you feel like your account could look better?

Do you want to deal with the clutter on your account because it prevents you from attracting people to Insta, but you don’t know where to start? I have a solution for you.

how do I know it works?

I have been on Instagram since 2014 (then I created my first account). Unfortunately – although I tried very hard, nothing was working on Instagram. Along the way, I also made a lot of mistakes that simply stopped my development.

However, something changed at the end of 2017. I started to gradually work out and implement the principles that I teach today in my course.

The effects were… spectacular.  In 2018, 50,000 people added me to the watched list. No bots, connections, great equipment and “follow / unfollow” games.  I know that the fact that I had a consistent, aesthetic account played an important role in this process, which made people who found my profile more likely to click “watch”.

Summary Consistency on Instagram

It goes without saying that a consistent Instagram account can be an important part of your Instagram account development strategy. So, if you feel like you’re trying hard and little is coming of it, then perhaps the problem is that your Instagram is inconsistent, chaotic, and cluttered.

And if you don’t change anything, probably nothing will change. The problem is that to change something, you first need to know – what! Otherwise, we just feel in the dark, wasting our time and energy. 

I know that everyone says that you should have a consistent and aesthetic account, but in my course, I show HOW to control the chaos on your Instagram profile and give your content a common denominator.

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