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Bring Chic And Comfort To Your Home Using Large Area Rugs

Home decor is a dream everyone wants to fulfill. Decorating a home requires money and time, from buying furniture to paintings, rugs, and carpets. Everything is chosen with love and care. Covering the entire floor is an essential part of home design for residents of cold-temperature areas and families with kids. But carpets are hard to clean and put on. Large area rugs are the best alternative to carpets.

They cover most of the room, same as carpet, and are easy to roll on in stormy weather, making them easy to clean and port. Here are some amazing tips for using the large area rugs in the interior of your home.


Hallways are always tricky to decorate, but beautifully adorned hallways give charm to the home. The best way to beautify hallways is to lay large runner-style rugs or kilims with some classic-style mirrors on the wall along with traditionally crafted wall hangings and enchantments.

Large area rugs are the right choice to cover hallways or corridor floors, making it cozy for chilly weather. Rectangular or runner-style area rugs are most commonly used in hallways, but you can use other styles as well if they suit the theme of your home. Also, flatweaves are the best option for hallways as they are easy to clean and durable.

Runners with borders give a nice definition to the space, but avoid adding too many patterns or colors that may cause an overload in decor. Hallways are best kept simple, with one color used throughout all rugs.


A large rug is a multi-tasker rug. You can always layer up with some small rugs or carpets to make floors more stylish and comfortable. You can lay a rug on the balcony and put some stools and cushions on it, making it a perfect evening coffee corner. Also, these rugs are used to cover the stairs for kids’ safety. A rug is the best thing that can help decorate a space and make it more functional.

They are also best to cover the walls with to keep them warm during winter times. Rugs can make or break a room because they are the ones that bring life to it. And for kids at home, you should have at least one rug for activities like coloring, playing cards, eating snacks, and so on.

Brighten Theme

The theme of change is vital for people. The Same color scheme makes it dull, but changing the room theme requires money and time. The easiest way to transform a room look is to mix and match with adornments. For a pale color scheme, get some vibrant color large area rugs, which will entirely cover the floor, giving the room a bright texture for designing the same room for teens’.

Purchase some colorful pattern rugs to create a vibrant theme. Same way, making bright color walls dim, go for a brown/pale palette rug to make the room trendy and classy. Playing with rugs’ color scheme gives the entire scenario a different look. For neutrals or classy color schemes, you can choose a vibrant pattern rug that will create vibrancy and warmth inside your room.

You can also pick a darker shade or neutral color rugs to make your walls stand out. For a statement look, accentuate one dominant wall with a large rug in a different color theme, cutting the monotony of neutral walls and giving it a rich look.


Floors are primarily slippery and cold. For little, one base needs to be covered and soft. Buying the best quality large area rugs makes the floor safe for the kids and the whole family. It makes your area hassle-free, and you don’t have to panic about toddlers falling. Also, layering stairs with rugs are best for toddlers’ and old-age persons’ protection.

For a safe home environment, soft and fluffy rugs are your right choice. Rugs provide warmth and keep the room snug for a homely feel. It makes the floor safe and pleasant to walk barefoot, and you can enjoy the warmth under your feet.

Rugs offer plenty of options; one can choose from numerous styles, patterns, designs, and colors to cover the floor. Rugs motivate you to create a personalized style statement, adding an artistic element that makes your home look like a cozy hideout.

Hide Floor Imperfections

Floors are sometimes untidy or covered with unremovable stains. These are hard to remove, and changing tiles is a tiresome process. For covering these stains, get some beautifully crafted rugs to cover the floor entirely. It also decor floors along with hiding the stains and imperfections.

Even sometimes, the tiles’ color or the base tiles’ material doesn’t suit furniture. To overcome the issue, purchase matchable large area rugs, which will make the entire decor trendy and matching. Rugs are the best choice to cover floors on a low budget. 


Gorgeously crafted and hand-woven rugs are a piece of art. They make your favorite corner classy. Some large area rugs on the rooftop, balcony or living area alongside other handcrafted decors make The area a picture taken from an art gallery. Get some colorful rugs to change the room to a vibrant and fresh theme for boring furniture designs.

Nowadays, the market is full of unique design rugs, from geometric to abstract patterns. These unique designs give the interior and exterior decor a painting touch. For a dull floor, a rosy abstract designed large rug will completely change the entire floor look.

Best For Wood Floors

Wood floors are an expensive home investment. A small furniture scratch or stain will destroy your whole base. An easy way to cover wood floors is to use area rugs to protect wood floors from scratches and other things. Rugs will defend it from furniture spots and blemishes. They are also giving it a colorful trendy look. The shaggy or long pile rugs are the best option for this type of flooring.

Summing up, large area rugs are the best investment you will ever make for your home. They make your living environment cozy and classy. Also, it protects your floor, making it a kids’ safe zone. The effect of an area rug is calming, and it makes the home look more spacious. It has a lot of benefits such as:

  • Protecting wood floors.
  • Hiding cable wires.
  • Diverting furniture attention to the center of the room.
  • Make your space look big.

To adorn your home, invest in a beautiful rug. At RugKnots, you can find an amazing collection of rugs.

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