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The Biggest Fashion Trends of 2021


This year has unveiled some stylish and bold designs. Some trends have dominated fashion this year. In this article, we talked about “popular outfits” that are trendy and can be used as inspiration.

Here are a few outfits which you should take a peek at before going shopping:

#1. Oversized Shoulder Pad Boyfriend Jacket

This is an 80’s-inspired boyfriend blazer. The colours that can go well with jackets are charcoal, powder blue and neutrals. It gives an effortlessly chic look.

#2. Black Face Masks

These masks can provide excellent coverage and can go with nearly any outfit gracefully. These sleek black face masks give you an extremely stylish look when paired with a red trench coat. Make sure you choose silk fabric to breathe easily. If you’re feeling a little fancy and want to go some extra, then select something with embellishments. An accordion-style will add glamour to your ensemble.

#3. Sorbet Pastel Tones



Pastels have been dominating the trend for a few years and have continued to be on top this year as well. They’re the perfect option to go with in summer and look great on every skin tone. You can select a lavender-shade oversized trench court or a mint green shade boiler suite. These are a great option to go with when you want to wear something fancy and trendy or want to beat a trendsetter. They can completely change your look by making it look more aesthetic and chic.

#4.Yellow Bags

Yellow bags have ruled the season by taking over the streets. You can choose a tiny clutch to style an outfit or go with a mustard tote for everyday use. There are a variety of shades and you can go with something which matches your personality. If you still aren’t able to select, then you can go with monochromatic ensembles or vibrant hues. Trust me, these are going to add glamour to your outfit. If you love carrying handbags, then opt for an ambered structured bag, or if you’re planning to go on a night out, then you can carry a sleek canary baguette.

#5. White Knee High Boots

Inspired by 60’s gogo dancers or the youth revolution, the white knee-high boots are perfect for elevating the look of your outfit. You can pair it up with funky leggings, a roll-neck or mini skirt, or a dress. To look attractive and fashionable, you can keep it tight and sleek.

#6. Pop Blue Accessories

Why not stand out from the crowd by adding a splash of blue to your outfits? It works best for monochromatic outfits or can go with grey and black. Amongst the deeper shades, this shade will pop up and stand out. Experiment with some accessories and see what they go best with. This trend is timeless and can be tried everywhere throughout the season.

#7. Head Scarves

Seeking inspiration from the 50s, this fashion trend is here to stay. Wearing a headscarf is an excellent way to protect your hair as well as add a finishing touch to your look without going overboard. Choose floral motifs, intricate patterns or keep it simple with block letters or silky solids. It also makes for a cutesy handbag accessory when left dangling from your handbag. This classic go-to item is an absolute must if you wish to add a touch of elegance to your outfits.

#8. Fringed Bags

Let your handbag stand out from the crowd by opting for a fringed design. You can choose the length of the fringes according to your personal style. Sharling or leather fringes are bound to make a few heads turn your way. Experiment with bold shades such as green or red or play it safe with classics such as black or brown. Pair your handbag with stilettos, boots or flats to look chic.

The Takeaway

With that, we come to an end to our favourite fashion trends of 2021. Try all these trends to find out which works the best for you!

What is your favourite fashion trend of 2021 and why? Tell us in the comments section below!

 Author Bio: Aayushi Khandelwal

Aayushi is a content writer at F and B Recipes. When not writing, she likes coming up with creative Food Blog Names.

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