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How to add two pictures to Instagram story?

Instagram story is a fancy way of showing your short videos, images and texts for a day. As we all know that a story only stays on the account for 24 hours, whatever you do on a daily basis can be a part of your daily story.  If you are a celebrity, model or an influencer your followers might be interested in knowing what your daily routine is. It is exciting to learn more about our favorite celebrity. For instance, we all follow the skin care routine of Kim Kardashian because it is believed that she has the best skin tone, complexion and texture in the world.

Content of story:

It is so fun to create new content ideas for your Instagram stories. Since your content only appears for one day unless you remove it from there, you can share everything with your friends, followers, and fans. Let’s say that you are going camping near a salt pink lake where you intend to take a dozen pictures of natural scenery, water, greenery and of course of your boating experience. You can show a glimpse of your camping there by posting multiple pictures on your Instagram story. Now you might be wondering how you can add two pictures to Instagram story and if this idea of adding multiple images at all at once is even plausible.

Fortunately, Instagram has added new features that allows users to upload two or more photos to their Instagram stories. Keep reading this article to learn a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

Adding two photos at once:

As we all are familiar with the old interface of Instagram that only allowed one picture at a time on a story, I personally believe that new feature is brainstorming because now users have more control on how their stories will appear to their users, followers, relatives and friends.

     It is definitely not a good idea to create multiple stories of the same trip as it will turn down your viewers.  In other words, when you add more images in one story it boosts the engagement rate of your content.

     Uploading one image at a time used to be very time consuming. If a user had to upload more images of the same place, celebration, event or party, he or she would have to create more stories. Nevertheless, it would not take much time to create more stories but it definitely was not that quick at all. Additionally, more stories with multiple images would also make the top section of Instagram accounts appear very overcrowded with the content. Fortunately, now the user does not have to upload one picture at a time as two images can be added in the same story and doing so is also time-saving itself. It will save the user time that it takes in uploading all the images one by one.

      I have witnessed my own Instagram Followers using collage and photo combining applications for making personalized photo albums consisting of two or more photos to display for their Instagram stories. Now they won’t have to make the use of any tool in order to display their camping, trip or celebration or party story in a creative way because it can be done right within Instagram through its feature.

How to add two pictures to Instagram stories?

Creating a nice series of stories by uploading the most amazing pictures and photos of your recent trips from your media library won’t take as much time as it used to take. You can add a minimum of one and maximum of ten photos to your story. Mentioned below are some steps as to how you can do it.

     First sign into your Instagram account using your credentials such as username and password.

     Click on the camera icon in order to access the story section.

     Tap the “Camera” icon from the display, it must be located at the bottom of the screen.

     Find the option “Multiple photo icon” on your display, it should appear above your photo gallery..

     Now start selecting the photos that you want to use and display on your Instagram story.

     When you select a first photo , number 1 will appear there, meaning that this picture will go first to your story.  Now you can choose a second photo from the library to display with the first photo. The number 2 will appear on the photo number two that you have chosen.

     Once you are done selecting those two images that you wish to upload to your Instagram story, you make them fancy by including some music, contextual messages for readers or funny stickers.

     When you are done editing your photos for the story, click on the option ‘Next’.

     Tap on your story to share your photos in the order that you have selected.

All the above-mentioned steps will help you upload two images together to your Instagram story but you can upload up to ten images at all once if you wish or desire.This feature is pretty much helpful for those who take dozen of photos of their family members and celebrations and want to share all those to their stories with their followers and friends.

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