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10 foods to increase sperm quality for men


One of the reasons why the rate of male infertility is increasing is due to reduced sperm quality. There are many ways to improve sperm quality, including changing your eating habits with healthy foods. We would like to reveal the top foods to increase sperm quality, help men have a healthy sperm team, help increase men's performance and bravery.

Oysters and seafood – foods that increase sperm quality

Oysters and seafood such as mussels, cockles, etc. are the first names mentioned in the top foods that increase sperm quality.

These are nutritious foods containing extremely high levels of zinc and amino acids, which are effective in perfecting male physiological characteristics, increasing the production of testosterone hormone, improving sperm quality, and increasing libido. want sex for men.

According to the recommendations of experts, each day should add about 55g of oysters and seafood to the body to ensure an adequate supply of zinc needed for the male body.

Asparagus - food to improve sperm quality

To increase the quality of the sperm should eat what? Our answer is asparagus.

This is a nutrient-dense food, containing extremely high levels of vitamin C, an antioxidant that plays an extremely important role in protecting sperm from damage, increasing the ability to motility and volume of sperm, helping sperm swim faster and move to the egg more efficiently.

Eggs - foods that increase sperm quality

Eggs are a common food that appears a lot in family meals, this is also a food that increases sperm quality for men.

Eggs contain high levels of vitamin E and vitamin A, which prevent the aging of sperm cells, improve blood circulation in the sexual organs, and promote reproduction and development. of sperm.

Not only that, but the antioxidant content in eggs is very high, effective in fighting free radicals, helping to protect cells, and increasing the quality of sperm.

Walnuts - foods that increase sperm quality

How to increase sperm quality? We advise men to add walnuts to their daily diet menu - a nutritious food that brings many health benefits.

The abundant arginine in walnuts has the effect of making the testicles active, stimulating sperm production, and helping semen (sperm nourishment) have a high nutritional content.

Not only that, but the omega 3 composition and some fatty acids found in walnuts are effective in promoting blood circulation to the penis, helping to improve sex life.

More specifically, this nut also contains antioxidants, which are effective in improving the body's resistance, repelling diseases, and helping men stay in shape.

Red meats - foods that increase sperm quality

Adding red meat to the daily menu is one of the ways to increase sperm quality for men.

Red meats such as beef, goat, lamb, etc. contain high levels of amino acids that are effective in increasing the size of the penis, making the sperm production process more favorable.

In particular, the addition of beef in the daily diet will help increase the zinc content in the body, help fight free radicals that damage sperm, and help regulate testosterone in the male body. Helps improve sperm quality for men.       

Garlic - food to improve sperm quality

Supplementing the body with dishes containing garlic is an effective way to improve sperm quality.

Garlic is food containing a large amount of allicin, which is effective in improving blood circulation in the body, promoting blood circulation to the genitals, helping to increase sperm quality.

In addition, the content of vitamin B6 and selenium in garlic can help prevent sperm damage caused by oxidation.

To increase sperm quality, you should use garlic as a spice in dishes or simply eat 2-3 cloves of raw garlic every morning.

Fruits rich in vitamin C help increase sperm quality

What do you eat to improve sperm quality? we would like to reveal that these are fruits rich in vitamin C.

Vitamin C is a nutritional ingredient that is effective in fighting free radicals and oxidation, thereby helping to prevent sperm defects and increasing sperm count.

To increase sperm quality, men should supplement their bodies with vitamin C-rich fruits such as strawberries, oranges, mangoes, pineapples, kiwis, ....by eating desserts or squeezing juice or smoothies. For drinking.

Tomatoes help increase sperm quality

When it comes to the top foods that help increase sperm quality, it is impossible not to mention tomatoes.

Tomato is a food rich in lycopene, which has the effect of increasing sperm count, increasing sperm motility, creating favorable conditions for sperm to meet eggs, increasing the ability to conceive.

To improve sperm quality with tomatoes you can use tomatoes processed into salads or smoothies to enjoy every day.

Ginseng - a precious herb that helps increase sperm quality

Since ancient times, ginseng has been considered a valuable remedy for many diseases, and it is also a food that improves sperm quality effectively.

Ginseng contains a huge amount of valuable active ingredients that are effective in enhancing blood circulation, helping to maintain a healthy body, and especially helping to increase the quantity and quality of "sperm".

Dark chocolate - food to increase sperm quality

One of the fastest ways to increase sperm quality is to make friends with dark chocolate.

Because this is food containing L-arginine HCL, which promotes sperm production and maintains sperm vitality.

As recommended, each week should only eat dark chocolate 1-2 times to help increase sperm quality without causing weight gain, obesity.

Above we have revealed the top 10 foods that improve sperm quality specifically for men to improve sperm count, increase fertility, affirm men's class and performance.

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