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Top ways to get rid of kidney stone and its problems

Kidney stones treatment involves determining the size of the kidney stones, managing pain, removing the stones, and prevention of recurrence. These stones, also called renal calculi or renal stones are small solid masses consisting of minerals and acid salts. A person will usually have to go through a “wait and see” period, to find out if they can pass a kidney stone using a natural medicine holistic approach without standardized  kidney stones treatment or urologic surgery, which could take days, weeks, or even months. Because passing the renal stone can be extremely painful, our team of urology specialists may prescribe pain medication.

Kidney stone treatment comes in different forms, depending on symptoms and the results of diagnostic tests. Some patients with a renal calculus will feel abnormal urinary symptoms, such as pain in the back or side just below the ribs. The pain can move into your abdomen or groin as the stone moves through your urinary tract. Other symptoms include urinary retention or blood in urine, which can be microscopic hematuria (blood only seen under a microscope) or gross hematuria (blood seen by the naked eye). Men may have frequent urination or urinary retention which can also be misinterpreted as prostate symptoms or bladder symptoms from a cancer bladder tumor growth. A prostate exam diagnoses the need for prostate surgery for BPH or prostate cancer surgery such as a robotic radical prostatectomy called da Vinci prostatectomy, prostate cryosurgery, or prostate radiation. Since symptoms from the different urinary organs are so similar, it is important to have professional diagnostic tests performed.

How to cure kidney stones?

The way to cure kidney stones and know how to prevent kidney stones from developing again as discussed in below lines. Some kidney stones remedies include changing your diet, taking certain vitamins, and drinking more fluids. Consuming natural medicines and eating foods with certain minerals, combined with any prescription medicine to dissolve kidney stones, can also lower your risk of developing kidney stones in the future.

For some patients, the kidney stone may be too large to pass on its own. Other times the stone can cause bleeding or recurrent urinary tract infections. In these cases, a patient may require more invasive kidney stone treatment, such as kidney surgery to remove the stone with a small basket, laser treatment to pulverize the stones, or a lithotripsy to break up the stones into smaller pieces. If the kidney stone damages the renal pelvis then a da Vinci surgery called pyeloplasty may be performed to fix and put together the ureteropelvic junction.

Kidney stones treatment

Bladder stones treatment varies for each person, depending on the type of stone and the causes. Kidney stones can be detected through different means. Our doctors at Urology Specialists will perform a series of diagnostic tests to determine if your symptoms are caused by kidney stones or another urological condition such as a kidney mass from renal cell carcinoma. A urinalysis and blood test can help doctors determine the cause. Imaging tests, like an abdominal CT scan, MRI, x-rays, ultrasound, or an intravenous pyelogram (IVP) can tell the size and location of the stones and accordingly the renal stone treatment has been given to the patients. If a stone has passed already, our doctors can analyze the composition of the stone and help develop a plan to prevent the stones from returning.

Kidney stones treatment is used to treat different types of kidney stones. Most of the time a person will be able to pass a kidney stone naturally, though the experience can be excruciatingly painful. Drinking water, up to three quarts a day, is essential to stay hydrated and to open up the passage ways to help the kidney stone pass through your system better. However, in certain instances a stone can be too rough or too large to pass. Sometimes it can cause an obstruction, bleeding, kidney damage, or urinary tract infections. In these circumstances, more invasive treatment options may be necessary.

Kidney stones treatment can include a type of kidney surgery called percutaneous nephrolithotomy. This is a more invasive procedure because it requires the surgeon to make an incision in the patient’s back for kidney stone removal. This is often used for renal stones that are blocking the flow of urine from the kidney or form renal calculi that can’t be broken up through other less invasive methods.

A lithotripsy is a procedure that uses an instrument, machine, or probe to break up kidney stones into small fragments that can leave the body through the urine. An ultrasonic lithotripsy uses an electronic probe placed in the ureter to aim high frequency sound waves at the kidney stone while the extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) uses sound waves from outside the body.

Many abnormal urinary symptoms, such as back pain, microscopic hematuria or gross hematuria, or urinary tract infection can be a sign of kidney stones or different urinary conditions. A cancerous kidney mass can also cause similar symptoms, especially in more advanced states of cancer. Another condition with the same symptoms is an uretero-pelvic obstruction (UPJ obstruction), which occurs when the kidney disconnects from the ureter and or when hydronephrosis occurs when the flow of urine reverses course and travels up the ureter and into the renal pelvis of the kidney. In such a case, a pyeloplasty would need to be performed to reconstruct the renal pelvis to allow for normal urine flow.

Kidney stone treatment is most effective when a proper diagnosis has been made. A patient who is experiencing any symptoms can make an appointment with urologists through Treat Pa. Urology Specialists are highly qualified and experienced urologic physicians. They are specialized in all types of urological issues and accurately diagnose your condition to determine the best course of action including urologic surgery.Treat Pa can assist you in locating the Kidney Stone Specialist In Bangalore, as well as the hospitals that serve the city along with its allies. 

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