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Bathroom Transformation: 8 Hacks by Experts


Painting a bathroom can be as cool as it sounds, of course, with some expert bathroom transformation hacks. You might think that painting a bathroom is similar to painting any wall of the house for a do-it-yourselfer. But, it is not. Painting a bathroom requires a lot more consideration than painting a typical living room wall.

A bathroom is a tiny space that is used a lot and has various water sources. As a result, it can be a hub for moisture and mold.

Right appliances, colors, and finishing are essential to avoid water spots, crackling paint and mold, and mildew.

Painting and transforming your bathroom adds an aesthetic appeal to it and increases your house's resale value. In addition, the interior paint, high-quality appliances yield a higher return on investment on your property.

There are a plethora of bathroom transformation ideas, but we have sorted the best of 8. You can quickly go through them and know how these will help you get a great bathroom space.

1. Declutter to the Most

Decluttering is a good rule of thumb for small bathroom designs. Remove anything that blocks your path in the bathroom and appears to be a visual barrier. For example, washing machines, trash cans, laundry hampers clutter the bathroom space. Keep them in a storage space or a laundry room.

A low ceiling can also be a barrier. Consider having a vaulted ceiling to give your bathroom an illusion of height.

2. Select the Best Paint for Your Bathroom

A bathroom is a wet place, and it will always have water in the corners or on the walls, washbasin, or the bathing space. You just cannot get rid of the water in a bathroom, no matter how hard you try to keep yourself and your bathroom walls or accessories away from it.

You wouldn't want to purchase extraordinary paint, but you might have to spend a little more to get high-quality paint for your washroom, the reason being higher solids present in the expensive colors. The expensive paints and the non-expensive ones have a cosmetics tone, but the expensive ones have higher strength due to higher solids.

3. Mirrors Area Bathroom’s Best Friend

A mirror is a bathroom’s best friend. A tall mirror can draw attention towards the bathroom’s height. Tall mirrors also give dimension to any room by doubling the light effects and reflecting the lights. Choose the mirrors correctly; they have a significant impact on the bathrooms.

4.  Make Your Walls Ready

Walls play an important role in bathroom aesthetics. Prepare your walls to get painted before you start painting them. If your walls are old and have cracklings and mold, then clean them off first. Use elbow grease to clean the mold, as it is the best tool against the mold. Next, give a good scrubbing to your walls with water and bleach.

Your walls must have a smooth surface before the paint application. Make sure to fill up holes with a spackle if your wall is having any. Let the mixture dry until the surface of the wall becomes smooth.


5. Move Out All the Bathroom Items Until the Paint is Done

Remove all the movable items from the bathroom for some time. For example, cleansing bottles, towels, soap bars, candles, and even mirrors can obstruct the path and hinder the painting.

Items that are not easily movable can be covered with tape to protect them from paint spilling.

6. Remove the Toilet Tank

Painting a bathroom with a toilet tank in it is a difficult task. The small gap between the tank and the wall creates a problem. The best way is to remove the tank till the painting work is done in the bathroom.

You might think that moving out the toilet tank and other storage steel structures from the bathroom would be a tedious task, but that is not the case.

Toilets are usually divided into two parts: the top tank and the base. Unfortunately, the foundation cannot be removed. Thus, turning off the water valve and removing all the water would be the best solution.

 7. Ensure Proper Lighting in Your Bathroom

The bathroom lighting is an essential factor that enhances your bathroom aesthetics or brings it down.

Make sure the bathroom has enough lighting. High windows that give good natural ventilation, and natural sunlight, are preferred.

Artificial lighting is equally important in any bathroom, and you must pay attention to your bathroom space when installing lights in it. Wall-mounted lights next to the mirror are a great idea if your bathroom lacks enough space.

Use waterproof or "shower site rated" incandescent, CFL, or LED lights to ensure bathroom safety.

 8. Try to Eliminate the Shadows

Excessive shadows in the bathroom make it appear smaller and can even offer a claustrophobic feeling. Make sure the bathroom has enough lighting. Use a glass door or a lightweight and transparent partition in the bathroom, or do not use any entries at all to division the shower area from the rest of the bathroom.

Build the shower cabinet with frosted or patterned glass. Also, keep in mind that putting the ceiling fixture above your head can damage your chances of applying make-up in the bathroom.

Use the vertical space of the bathroom as much as possible. For example, you can create more storage space using the lowest half of the wall-mounted shelf to store bathroom tools.

Let the Bathroom Dry After You Have Painted It…

Letting your bathroom space dry completely is the best hack to use after the paint has been done. If you love taking steamy showers, wait for some hours until the bathroom is dry enough to be used again. Your bathroom may even take 1-2 days to dry off. No matter, you give it enough time.

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