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How is commvault better at 365 backup



Organizations utilize Microsoft office for the latest productivity tools, including SharePoint Online, exchange online, one drive, and many others. Companies require the best ways to maintain business continuity, reach the agreements at the service level, and comply with data preservation from corruptions such as corruption of data, humans' errors, cyberattacks, etc. Commvault is better at 365 back-ups. It permits us to extend and supplement the natural abilities of office 365. It makes us free from designing issues and sustainable solutions. Still, we need to take our data protection and Commvault as a backup service for the office to manage the rest of things. With the help of Commvault Training one can effectively use its rich features set. Now let's explore why commvault is better at 365 backup.

What is Commvault

Commvault is a kind of management software that helps with data protection. It provides the software used for data recovery, cloud, data backup, management infrastructure, retention, compliance, etc. It maintains modules for data restoration, achievement, replication, searching, and back up. It creates on the single platform with a unified code, and it contains four product lines that complete the recovery and backup. It orchestrates the disaster recovery and integrates the appliances; it permits us to activate the analytics and offer the software in on-premise environments. Data secure through the software agent download from virtual hosts, and it operates the native API applications for data security in a consistent state. Data develops through the software agent with backup in the data manager; administrators control Commserve through central customers' interface and permit end-users to access the secured data with browsers.

Why Commvault

Commvault offers consulting services for users, and organizations suggest users with the latest data management from the designs of architecture for monitoring and implementation. Using managed services, it operates the production software for their users, offers effective recovery and backs up with optimized prise mobility of workload. It helps to make sure that the data is available in various clouds. It simplifies the retrieval and backs up a solution that permits us to control our entire workloads. Companies must be ready to be available in the complete environment. They need to make sure the data is prepared and remove the scenarios of loss data. Commvault recovery and backup offer the enterprise security of virtual machines, databases, containers, files, applications, and endpoints. It permits us to manage the efficiency of workloads and safety. It increases visibility and develops the control access to enable self-service. It restricts the unknown access to remove the data sprawl and it decreases the burden of administrators in the database.

How is Commvault better at 365 back-ups?

Commvault provides backup service for office 365, which offers the popular delivery and package of functionality for consumption through the click button. Companies can experience protected data and solution management, which helps us gain value from our investment in Microsoft office 365. It provides comprehensive data with policy-driven security and exchange through back up. It maintains various processes like one drive and SharePoint for organizations and fulfils the data requirements by storing and backing up through its global service footprint.

Even though Microsoft is best at services, organizations still face problems while migrating, protecting and compiling their data in office 365. There is a place for backup services of office 365, and a limit for deleted items retention, accidental deletion, and corruption and cyber attacks put files into trouble. It ensures retention and data security to fulfil the obligations. It helps develop the security investment of office 365 through organizations recovery, back up, exchange online, one drive, SharePoint Online, and searching without the support of infrastructures hardware. We can use SaaS to manage and protect our office 365, and it provides various benefits like particular business outcomes, solutions, and complete access to our data. It helps save money through a cloud-based service for our cloud-based data, and the time saves through generating our licences on a required basis. It develops productivity by removing the required systems for management, monitoring, security, etc., and decreases the TCO through subscriptions for the lower tier of office 365. Organizations experience unlimited capability and instant deployment, and it permits us to control our data differently from our terms.

Types of backups

Commvault offers data recovery and backup efficiently in business from mainstream OS, databases, and applications. It utilizes agents for file interface, and applications to avail the data transfer from systems protection to the secured environments. The given below are some essential backup types.

     Full backup: it uses all clients and agents for the start of all clients, which provide support for other backups. It works like a baseline which is the following type of applied backups. When agents use incremental backup, they are required to use full backup before the initiation.

     Incremental backup: this backup includes only the latest data since the previous backup. It utilizes fewer media and removes the issues on resources.

     Differential backup: it maintains only the new data that has changed since the previous backup. It also needs only fewer media and decreases the burden of resources.

     Synthetic full backup: it consolidates the information from new backup and subsequent backups and units them as a single file instead of direct data backup from clients' computers. There are no issues with loading as there is no need for backup from client computers.

     Selective for full online backup: it works like a full backup for particular databases, which we need online. Specific sub-clients copy contains the data, control file, the logs, etc., while auxiliary copy operation is going on backup is copied as a particular document. It permits us to rebuild from copy.

     Block-level backup integrates the technology of snapshot by using the proper block storage mechanism for backups development.


Commvault helps fulfil the recovery and backup process of office 365, a policy-based recovery and backup. It offers the efficient and continuous migration of the data to ensure the exact search regulatory and works as compliance for our office 365 and data security. Commvault provides comprehensive protection to our office 365 data and proves that our organization is safe from corruption, cyber-attacks and selection. It secures our data presents in an online exchange, teams, one drive, and many others. Companies experience stringent protection protocols, access control, and virtual backup. It offers the approach of various layered data protection.

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