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Everything you know about Pool cleaning service & pool pump repair

I'm going to go over the step-by-step procedures that I use. when I service pools on my route, whether you're a homeowner full-service professional. These are the steps you're going to take each week as your pool service. I scan the pool to ensure there are no algae, no dead animals, or nothing unusual.

I can't get a variety of test kids on my truck from my pool route and having a good test kit to test the water factors is essential if the pool is one two-week service. I'll check for the total chlorine and the pH every week.

Once a month, I'll check for the alkalinity doesn't change that often. Every three months, I'll do a calcium hardness test and do a sign Erik acid test at the beginning of the season start reading the problems.

I'm a retest it later on during the season.

Those are the water test factors you should be checking weekly, monthly, or quarterly, and I'm a big fan of the color cue. Pro seven is the more expensive test kit that takes longer to do the water testing, but it's highly accurate and easy to use 50 pool.

I'm servicing a saltwater pool that will test the salt level at the beginning of the season. I also recheck it if there are any problems you see the salt level. This pulls a little bit low to 2500 parts per million every week. I inspect the pump basket and clean it. You also want to check the pump basket every week for teres. Usually, it happens in the back, where the impellers make sure the pump is full of water. When you start it, you can use a bucket to fill it up. You also want to inspect the o-ring on the pump lid to ensure it's still good.

Maybe you want to put the cover back on the pump. You also want to check the timer. Every week to make sure that it's set correctly and then running, I also like to check these on/off trippers and make sure they're on here really tight. If the pool has a salt cell, you want to check it every week and clean it when necessary, and I also check for leaks or an equipment area every week. I also listen to the motor to make sure that it sounds okay, making things easy on my pour out. I clean the filters twice a year, in March and in September. Occasionally, my route will need backwashing or cleaning in between the six months. You're going to get very familiar with the pool equipment on the pools at your service stop to clean.

Pump basket I also like to clean the skimmer basket. I like doing this when the pools on that way. All the debris is pulled into the basket. Okay before, start skimming a collection, I'll spray some tile so Ponte this is diluted with water but doing this will take the glare off the pool surface. It also clumps together any surface debris. Then I'll skim the pool surface usually. I'll go twice around the whole pool. Do you mean the collection? I'll assess the pool to see if it needs to be vacuumed or just skimmed on the bottom. Let's pull here a lot of dust on the bottom, and we're going to clean it.

The bottom of this pool was relatively clean; I would skim the leaves off the bottom, the next thing. I do clean the pool tiles after sealing the pool; I like the arrow of the scale of the red bottle has some erotic acid in it.

I recommend if your homeowner or a service professional get top-quality pool equipment makes the job a lot easier.

I also vacuum all my pool for the canister to keep the pump basket free of debris. I highly recommend using a canister for any vacuum in each collection. I also vacuum the spas out. I also use the power vac PV 2100 on my entire route. There are a lot of accounts on my way where this is essential after. I finished vacuuming. You're going to brush the pool. You don't want to touch the pool before you vacuum. Otherwise, it'll stir up a lot of the dirt on the bottom, so brushing the pool service repair.

Prevent algae growth also; if you missed any spots in the pool, brushing the pool will make it look more uniformed after.

You're done cleaning it after brushing the pool to skim the pool one more time from top to bottom. Make sure I didn't miss anything, then the last thing.

Before I leave, I add chemicals in the pool if needed, so if the chlorine level is low, you can add some liquid.

Chlorine to bring the chlorine level back up the pH is high. You can ask the muriatic acid to lower the pH if the pH is low. You can add some borax or soda ash to bring the pH up. If the alkalinity is down, you can add some baking soda to bring the alkalinity up on your pool up besides liquid chlorine.

It's a good idea to have some shock also. A lot of the pools may use 3-inch chlorine tablets. Hence, it comes out any chemicals your pool number one rules to be safe with it. I always wear a glove when I'm handling any acid. You always want to pour the acid, so you're walking away. Hence, there are no fumes; if you notice any algae in the pool, you want to treat it right away. So if you're a homeowner or pulsar is professional, those are the steps that I take each week when I clean a pool.

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