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What Is A Healthy Lifestyle?

People mostly believe that a healthy lifestyle is to walk up at 5 am, followed by exercise, protein shakes, eating primarily salads for lunch and dinner. If so? Then this article is a myth buster for all who thought the same. Healthy food and exercise are a part of a healthy lifestyle, but not as it is alone.


Different individuals follow different ways of leading a healthy lifestyle. Some focus on physical fitness, while some focus on a healthy diet. However, they both might claim to lead a healthy lifestyle, but it is unknown if they provide enough security to health from the prevailing threat.


Researchers worldwide are burning their midnight oils to develop a lifestyle that can be applicable for all. However, the regional, climate, and cultural differences don't allow everybody to follow one lifestyle.

Keeping aside the constant differences, day-to-day life in the current age is unpredictable. Overtimes, skipping meals or experimental binging are so common that following a scheduled lifestyle is almost impossible. Considering the pandemic, now people focus more on the types of food which strengthen immunity.

So, what a healthy lifestyle is? Let's, start with their definition.

Definition of a Healthy Lifestyle

Different organizations have given different definitions for a healthy lifestyle based on their experiences. Among which a few are mentioned below:

According to BBC defines healthy lifestyle as, "Good health is not just the absence of disease or illness, it is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. This means eating a balanced diet, getting regular exercise, avoiding tobacco and drugs, and getting plenty of rest".

According to Wikipedia, lifestyle is the way a person lives. This includes patterns of social relations, consumption, entertainment, and dress. A lifestyle typically also reflects an individual's attitudes and values. A healthy lifestyle is generally characterized as a "balanced life" in which one makes "wise choices".

There have been debates arguing and stressing on people's mental health after leading a scheduled day-to-day routine in the present era. Many people do not acquire the wisdom they expect out of such a lifestyle. As a result, they end up being stressed out and lose control over their lives. Thus, the question repeats itself, what is a healthy lifestyle?

Considering all the points mentioned above, a healthy lifestyle comprises a set of decisions one made to carry out the day-to-day activities. These decisions ensure the completion of everyday essentials, including an adequate amount of sleep, a healthy diet, including physical and mental exercise. These decisions help the individuals control their lives, meet everyday expectations, and acquire wisdom.

What is a healthy lifestyle during a pandemic?

Keeping aside the ordinary lifestyle people have been evolving through generations and eras, 2020 was a whole new experience. The previous year has challenged the entire man-kind on earth. After WHO declared the virus spread to be a pandemic, economies across the world lost their chill. 

After this, healthcare organizations across the world started with their online awareness campaigns. They started guiding people regarding the measures that will reduce one's chances of getting infected. They stressed staying indoor and building food habits that will support their immune system. People with diabetes, respiratory diseases, breathing problem, and low immunity were strictly asked to avoid going out in public.

In the previous year, almost all the people across the world were leading the same lifestyle as the situation was the same for all. People were advised to work-out in their home premises and involved in collaborative activities with their family members for their mental health. The threat is still out there, and we must follow the new normal practices whether inside or outside the house.

Why is it so important?

Not everything that doesn't break you makes you stronger! When it comes to health, it is very unpredictable to judge future occurrences. There is a very probable chance for one to have any underlying health condition. No disease is caused after one or two sessions of carelessness. Health conditions develop over time, most of which occur without any prior symptoms until severe.

Irregular food and sleep habits also trigger health conditions which include hypertension, pimple and acne, digestive problems and sometimes ulcers. A healthy lifestyle keeps one in shape and reduces the chances of severe life-menacing diseases. The commonly found diseases trigger an unhealthy lifestyle where one allows himself to do everything without any constitution in life. There are ways to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle in your way without cutting on your favorite food. Learn how!

How you can create your healthy lifestyle

People across social media platforms share how they live, what they eat, and what they do to keep themselves fit. However, not all of this shared knowledge will come in handy. It is because of the differences between any two individuals. Thus, it is much convenient to construct a lifestyle of our own, and to do so, follow the steps below:


Pen down the kind of life you always wanted to pursue, your goals, ambition, everything. Then list down the activities you should do to live that life.


List down everything you like in your everyday life (duration of sleep, food habits etc.)Once done, removes those from the list you think is unhealthy for yourself. Then eliminate those which are not necessary to continue every day. 


In those empty places, add things you think will help you get your desired life. Add a few good habits you wanted to inculcate but lacked motivation. Now check again if the list sounds pleasing to you and don't get tempted for comfort. Set a short deadline and start from now itself.


In Conclusion

If you want to lead a helaty life and crucially mental peace, you must construct your routine accordingly. It might not be easy at the beginning but hold onto it. We are sure, and if you follow our given suggestions with a lot of your dedication, consciously, you will gain fruitful results soon.

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