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8 Proven Ways to Avoid C-Section Delivery


Most of the expecting moms imagine giving birth naturally through the vagina. However, it's not possible in every case. Nowadays, about 32% of women undergo a C-section due to multiple complications. Prolonged labor, fetal distress, and chronic health conditions are the main reason behind C-section delivery.

 In complex cases, a cesarean serves as a way of saving lives. But cesarean delivery has many side effects on women's health. Women who deliver infants via C-section are at greater risk of developing blood clots, infections, organ damage, and allergic reactions. On the other hand, normal delivery is completely safe for the mother and newly born baby. That’s why a large number of pregnant women expect to have a normal delivery.

Only healthy and strong women can give natural childbirth. So, start taking a balanced nutritional diet as soon you get pregnant. The females with low blood levels often have complications in delivering babies through the vagina. Not just that, the low blood level also affects the baby weight and the milk production of a mother. Therefore, pregnant women need to take iron supplements and iron-rich foods. 

There are a number of things you can do to avoid cesarean. Some of them are following:

Book Antenatal Classes

Antenatal classes are also known as parenting classes or parent craft classes. These classes will provide you information about the foods and exercises that can help you deliver a baby naturally through the vagina. You should join the antenatal classes from the first trimester to avoid C-section delivery. Besides, it's a great way to interact with other pregnant women. You can make many friends and can share your feelings with them.

Eat Balanced Food

As mentioned above, women require a lot of energy for normal delivery. So, it is vital to consume healthy foods within a short interval of time. Do not stick to one food group; eat fruits, vegetables, cereals, dairy products, protein products in equal amounts. The more you eat healthy food, the higher the chances of natural childbirth.

Stay Away From Stress

Stress is the biggest obstacle to normal delivery and elevates the probability of having a premature baby. Do such activities that keep you away from depression. You can perform yoga and can read novels and sacred books to stay positive. Staying close to nature during pregnancy initiates parasympathetic activity and helps to relieve stress.

Stay Active

Being pregnant does not mean that you are ill and need to rest in bed at all times. Pregnancy is a natural phenomenon, and you must remain active throughout the pregnancy journey unless doctors suggest you rest full time. Do exercise regularly and engage yourself with household chores. It will reduce the complications during pregnancy and raise the chances of vaginal delivery.

Consume Supplements Wisely

No matter how healthy you eat, you will have to consume supplements during pregnancy. As women conceive, the demand for iron and calcium suddenly increases. Such high nutritional demands cannot be met only with iron and calcium-rich foods. That's why gynecologists suggest calcium and iron supplements for expecting mothers. If you don't take supplements wisely, the chances of C-section delivery will increase.

Choose The Clinic And Gynecologist Carefully

Nowadays, many healthcare providers prefer C-section delivery to make some extra bucks. Beware of such con physicians. Do your research well before choosing the gynecologist. Verify the C-section rates of physicians. Ask them several questions about pregnancy and delivery to figure out their point of view on normal delivery.

Opt For A Doula

A doula is a non-medical but trained professional. They provide emotional and physical support to the pregnant lady throughout the pregnancy and after delivering the baby. She helps you to bear labor pain so that you can deliver the baby normally. If it's possible, you should hire a doula during your pregnancy time.

Wrapping Up:

The above tips can reduce the chances of C-Section, but are not the panacea for normal delivery. If complications are high in your pregnancy, it is better to go with a C-section.

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