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'No Game No Life' Season 2 Everything in detail


No Game No Life' offers the taste of a great and worth watching anime. The premier of the first season was done on April 9th, 2014 which ended on June 25th, 2014. It centers around Japanese novel series by Yu Kamiya. While there is a continuation of the light novel series which started on April 25th, 2012 and continues till date. Just a year later, it was adopted into a manga.

The anime series consisted of complete ingredients to create an awesome, fun-filled and exciting times, thanks to garnering huge following along with immense love across the length and breadth. There is an immense possibility of a new season soon. So, let's about it in detail:

Is there a renewal of 'No Game No Life' for a new season?

As of now, there hasn't been any confirmation about the said news. Since, there has been no official statement from the studio Madhouse or any affiliate production company which haven't given any reaction in that regard.

However, it can be emphatically said that they very well know about the series since their 2018 anime namely 'A Place Further Than The Universe' where the exciting and awesome poster of 'No Game No life' was being shown, gave us enough hope and aspiration about the existence or airing of season 2.

Additionally, the Madhouse hasn't moved his hands away from the project after working on season 1, as it was also responsible for producing a prequel movie the series namely 'No Game No Life: Zero' which finds it debut three years later after the initial release of season 1 that is on 2017.

The best thing is that there is no dearth of content which Madhouse finds itself surrounded with. Yes, so much so, that it is highly capable of producing new season, as there are whopping six volumes available towards producing for season 2.

Hence, technically it means that it is able to produce 24 episodes and even if season 3 can be covered based on the available slots of episodes which are left as of now.

The best and the most convincing reason which relates to the release of season 3 is that there has been the third season for Overload which was produced by Madhouse inspite of the fact that the sales of season 2 couldn't perform much with respect to the first season of 'No Game No Life'

Mention the plot of 'No Game No Life'?

The 'No Game No Life' anime is a part of two step-siblings who in the process of challenging a new rival enters a new world. The rival is namely Tet, who as per the sequence of the story is the God from another reality. Although, the due was putting a stiff resistance and certainly undefeated, yet in the new reality, things didn't go as planned. So, how story unfolds? Well, you need to check the same and find many more sequences as and when they come up with.

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