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12 UI / UX Trends To Dominate 2021


UI UX trends and user expectations are changing continuously. Some trends have lost their charm, whereas others have managed to appear in good books of industry experts for the latter half of 2020.

In the past, both user experience and marketing were seen as two different things. However, today, businesses have understood the powerful impact that UI/UX design trends carry. They generate influence that travels beyond our imagination, so brands today are hiring professionals for the job. If you happen to be looking for one, check out Digital Gravity, Ajath, and Lollypop Design Studio an expert UI & UX designers which are also best for serviceslogo design, brochure design, packaging design etc.

Here are some UI/UX design trends that you should follow in the last quarter of the year 2020:

Farewell Passwords

Have you ever been in a situation where you forgot your password? Yeah, we all have been there. However, the password reset option is always there to help us recover our accounts. But since this is the age of advancement and better user experience, we now have better solutions for logging in, such as PIN codes, fingerprints, and face authentication.

UX Writing

UX writing is among the top trends of 2020-2021. Previously, filling a UI/UX design platform with creative words was a regular practice. However, it has lost its charm. Now only the most crucial information is shown to hook customers at first glance as it leads to maximum conversions.

Dark Mode Is The New Preference

Almost everyone is welcoming dark mode, and it is also among the top UI/ UX design trends for 2020. The mode is activated at night, or you can also set the time of its activation. You can use it all day if you want as we know that looking at a bright light for too long or most of the day is not good for the eyes. Moreover, dark mode highlights the overall design and its elements, uses less battery, and appears attractive.

Air Gesture Control

Air gesture control is going to dominate the last quarter of 2020 and the year 2021. It improves the overall user experience. With the introduction of the touch screen, several gesture control mechanisms came into the spotlight. However, now all of these are being replaced by air gestures. A movement in the air will do the job. Sounds amazing, right?

Immersive 3D elements

Three-dimensional design elements have been keeping users hooked. And now, these elements are being integrated with advanced technology like Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). This enables the UI UX designer to develop hyper-realistic 3D design elements for keeping users engaged.

Voice User Interface

Using voice assistants to search for stuff while on a website sounds tempting. Using voice-based user interfaces can help you stay in the competition and boost your conversion rate. If you need the latest UI UX design for your website, make sure you get this done.

Custom Navigation

Using navigation and visually the right way will help you to attract more customers in 2020. Navigation elements involve hidden and visible navigation elements. The design of the menu must ensure a smooth flow of information.

Full-Screen Visuals

If your website features full-screen visuals, you will be successful at scoring more customers and boosting your sales. Using the entire page of your website to display information is the best way to keep your customers busy. This trend has been receiving good remarks from industry experts, and it is considered one of the top UI UX trends for 2020.


We all have been doing it for years. Where? On Facebook. See that ‘like’ button you hit? That’s what micro-interactions are. These enable users to engage with the UI UX interface for some time. It also includes short videos, animation effects, etc. Users love such options as they are fun to use. It makes giving feedback much quicker and easier.

Mobile Browsing

Mobile browsing has become popular recently. The case is completely different from mobile apps. When creating a UI UX design, you must ensure that your platform is optimized for mobile browsers as well. However, designs for mobile are a bit different as compared to those of the web. It is because of the compact screen size of mobile phones. Using minor graphics and fitting all information to the mobile screen is a difficult task, but since mobile browsing is a popular trend for UI UX designs in 2020, it is better not to ignore it.

Rise of the Videos

Using videos appears to be dominating the UI UX design trend for 2020. Videos help viewers understand the message clearly and get entertained at the same time. Therefore to keep customers engaged, videos play a crucial role. Let’s start making some, shall we?

Usage of Bold Fonts

Bold font usage is not something entirely new. However, this practice is gaining popularity in the coming year. Fonts play a significant role in the UI interface. Bold fonts are key players when it comes to catching the attention of customers. They add weight to the web page’s appearance as well as help to emphasize crucial information.

Wrap Up

Keeping up with the latest trends might be difficult, but it offers benefits in the long run. Customers come back when they are pleased with what you offer them. A unique UI UX design will do the job!

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