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How To Best Prepare For A Virtual Interview?


The virtual interview seems like an easy way to get a job...

But is it?

In this article, you can read guides on how to master your virtual interview, all good tips for giving a professional impression. For some extra tips, there is more advice on what to avoid for a virtual interview, so be sure to read it till the end!

Test Technology And Devices

You have to be secure in your technology, but don’t leave anything to chance. Check your camera and microphone before the interview by calling your friends. You can even do it on your own, but postponing it can lead to uncomfortable situations. Even though you have the most modern equipment, be sure to check how it works.

Ensure Quiet Environment

We all know that virtual interview is mostly held at home and this seems like a cozy and comfortable environment, but you still need to make it quiet. It doesn't mean to close all the windows and have no air coming, but to warn other inmates about your meeting. Tell them at least two days before to cancel all loud work. Also, before the meeting, write the sign and post it on the door which will prevent any disturbance.

Be Prepared

Like on your regular job interview, you have to be prepared for your virtual job interview. Search for useful information online and be sure to get them all right. It would be very rude to click and search for information in the middle of a conversation even though it isn't live. So, check company history, their story, and what they do, what they expect from the future position, and how challenging it is. Prepare some questions to look more interested in and don't forget the name of the person you are talking with.

Make Memos

It feels like it`s comfortable to talk via web camera, but don’t improvise. Be sure to write down and practice all important parts of the interview, like facts and pitch. You can write important facts on post-it notes make memos to help you lead your speech and with answering questions.

Learn Body Language

It sounds more appropriate to control your body signs on the live interview, but it is very important on the online meeting, too. It is recommended to say your speech in front of the mirror to become aware of your gestures and behavior. Camera and recording can also help you. Watch your behaving while you speak and improve your gestures or posture if you notice that you are overusing it.

Dress To Impress

A good impression needs to be dressed correctly. Some rules are the same as for live interviews, including the smart look and decent clothes. Yet, some rules are like for dressing on the television. Avoid striped clothes and different patterns. Use monochromatic combinations and colors like beige, light blue, and light green. Be careful with makeup too, and avoid heavy makeup that looks artificial or too shiny on camera. Don't avoid the bottom part because you never know if you will need to stand up.

Be Honest

Be sure to always stay yourself and speak truthfully. Every fact, especially from your CV, can be checked. Rather say that you are not so sure in some skill, but that you learn quickly than that you are experienced with it and later show disappointing results. Also, give your honest and polite opinion rather than flattering.

Author Bio

Linda is a psychologist who was working as a Human Resources manager for many years, which makes her perfect for advising on interview behavior. Her other passion is cooking and she has an educational blog you can discover on this link.

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